Double Layer Large Space Quartz Tube Bulb Ultraviolet Sterilization Disinfection Cabinet

  1. Double - layer infrared disinfection, quick and effective killer bacteria

  2. It can be used for sterilizing accessories and handles of cosmetic instruments

  3. Effective insulation and moisturizing

  4. Double layer large capacity space, can simultaneously carry on the disinfection to the various goods

  5. Portable easy carry


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Double Layer Large Space Quartz Tube Bulb Ultraviolet Sterilization Disinfection Cabinet


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The product principle

This product through the built-in wet towel in the high temperature to generate steam, play the role of insulation, moisture disinfection, plus ultraviolet (ozone) double function, effectively kill bacteria.Use wet towel more clean sanitation, is the beauty salon, hair salons, restaurants, hotels and other places of necessity.

Precautions before use:
1. Please place the product in a place with low temperature, little vibration, stable, ventilated and not easy to water.
2. In order to prevent electric shock, we must use the power supply installed grounding wire.
3. The water plate must be firmly installed in the inside, both hands will be connected to the water plate according to the horizontal position.

Use method

1. Please confirm that the power switch of the machine is set to "O".
Please put the plug firmly in the socket.
3. Switch and remove the scaffolding from the box.
4. Roll up the clean wet towel (no dripping is advisable) and put it on the rack. Then put the rack into the box.
5. Please close the door tightly.
6. Set the power supply to "one", and the indicator light will light up and start energizing.

Operation steps:

1 set the working time, press the button of time plus/minus to adjust the working time, if you have been holding down the button, the time display will continue to add or subtract, the maximum setting time is infinite, that is, the irregular time has been working, this time shows "HH".
2 set the operating temperature, generally set as 80 degrees.
Press the function switch to select the working mode.
Working hours:
The timing time of this instrument is 1-99 minutes, when the time is adjusted to "HH", the instrument is not timed, that is, the instrument has been working. Function switch:
When the function switch is pressed, the working order is: heating the working ultraviolet lamp, heating the working ultraviolet lamp and starting the working ultraviolet lamp - stop all the functions, so the cycle, the corresponding indicator light shows the working state.
Instrument alarm:
When the door is opened, the instrument will give an alarm until the door is closed.
When the set working time countdown is "00", the instrument will alarm and stop all work.
※ when the power is on, both the inside of the cabinet and the scaffolding are at high temperature. Please be careful not to touch the cabinet directly when taking towels.
Pour out the water before it is full.
※ if you want to disinfect again, please restart the machine.

Maintenance method

1. Please set the power switch to "O".
Please unplug the plug.
3. After the machine is cooled, take out all the towels and dry the water.
Pour the water out of the tray.
5. Please wipe the dirt in the cabinet with a dry towel. When the dirt is severe, please use a small amount of dishwashing liquid neutral wash on the cloth to wipe. Never use banana water, such as digestion, grinding, etc.
6. Please clean the scaffolding with water after removing the scaffolding.
7. Open the door and breathe into the box.

Packing list

Product specification:
The rated power:220V~50Hz
Power;300 w
Temperature adjustment: temperature sensor
Temperature in box: 60-80°C
Safety device: manual reset temperature control (105"C)
Metal support:4
Water pans:1

Safety. Precautions:

● please read this "safety precautions" carefully before using the machine and then use it correctly.
The notes written here are to ensure that you can use the product safely and correctly and to prevent unnecessary accidents to you and others.In addition, the notice lists the phenomena and accidents that will happen if the wrong usage method is used, which is divided into "prohibition" and "attention".It is an important part of security, please be sure to comply with it.
● please do not open the door when the green light is on. If you want to open the door, please cut off the power.※ after reading the manual, please put it in an easy to read place for everyone to use.

Ultraviolet Sterilization Ultraviolet Sterilization Disinfection  effective killer bacteria layer infrared disinfection Sterilization Home Use Sterilization quickly  kill germs quickly
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