Beauty Salon Use Cool Light Led Magnifying Floor Lamp

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Beauty Salon Use Cool Light Led Magnifying Floor Lamp


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LED magnifying lamp

Led light in cooperation with a magnifying glass,the lamp is an essential tool for anyone working with precision assembly,inspection or design.They are popular with jewelers, watch and electronics repair,dental clinics,salons and the home office.


How to use the unit:

-plug in the power cord first, let customers sitting or lie down in cool light magnifying lamp.
-Turn on the power switch, let the cold light magnifying glass aim at where need inspection part.
-Adjust suitable distance between lamp and inspection parts, in order to reach the most clear state.
-Check carefully every place where require inspection.


Equipment maintenance

-Turn off the unit after usage every time, unplug the power when not in use during a long period of time.
-The dust on the lens when it used for a long time, don’t use dishcloth or something wipe the lens , please use professional camera lens paper clean lens.

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