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Q&A on promotional points and their
usage on the MYCHEWAY.SHOP

Q1: How do I receive points?

Points may be awarded for placing an order, providing a review about a purchased product, checking in, playing games on our site, or filling out a survey. From time to time, we award points in connection with other promotional events.

Q2: To which account are points awarded?

Points are awarded to the account through which you place your orders.

Q3: How do I view my points balance?

You may view your points balance by logging on to your account and clicking “My Points” under “My Assets”.

Q4: Can I use my points on different MYCHEWAY sites?

No. Points can only be used on the site through which the points were awarded.

About Points Reward

The following are ways in which you can earn MYCHWAY points.

Confirm your registration

You will receive 100 points for verifying your email on your profile page.

Buy and Save

You will earn 1 point for every US Dollar spent on an eligible purchase, excluding taxes, shipping, or any other fees. Eligible purchase means the purchase of merchandise from MYCHWAY.SHOP and does not include gift cards.

Points will be credited to your account once you confirm the delivery of your order.

About Points Redemption

Points are independent on each of the MYCHWAY sites. The balance is displayed on the Points History page. It is the balance available to you on the current site.

Every 200 points = $1. You can use the points to deduct up to 70% of the total price of your order (excluding tax, shipping costs, and insurance). Points with the earliest expiration date will be applied first. To learn more about how to redeem your points, please click How to Order.

You can also use your points to redeem coupons during special events or redeem game opportunities, etc. For specific usage rules, please refer to each event's terms and conditions.

About Points Balance

Please log in to your MYCHWAY account and click on "MYCHWAY Points/My Points" in your account to view the balance. You can only view the current site's points balance on the current site.

About Points Return

1. If an unpaid order is canceled, the points applied to the original order will be immediately returned to your account.

2. If you return an order, the points used for that order will be returned to your account along with your refund or credit, if so selected. If you return part of an order, points will be returned to your account based on the percentage of the price of the returned items to the total order price.

3. If the cancellation of your order or product return occurs after the points used would have expired, expired points will not be returned to your account. You can view the points details in your account.

4. If your product return occurs after you have confirmed receipt of your order, points used in the order will be returned to your account. Points received from placing an order will be deducted when you return an order or items; the earliest expiring points will be deducted first. If your account does not have sufficient points balance, points will be deducted until the balance reaches 0.

5. If you place a first order, receive points, and use those points for a second order, after which you return the first order, we reserve the right to refund your purchase price on the first order minus the value of the points you received and used from the first order.

Please Note: Points are awarded in the Company's sole discretion and are subject to the Company's Terms and Conditions which may be modified from time to time.
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