Salon Usage Assembled Cart Plastic Trolley

  1. Big Single Drawer & Tray For Storage

  2. Place Beauty Machine

  3. Easy to push and use

  4. Rotating 360 Degree


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Salon Usage Assembled Cart Plastic Trolley


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This is new assembled plastic trolley for beauty machine including ultrasound cavitation rf from MyChway. Easy to carry and push. Standard quality for sure.
Can use to store beauty equipment and place beauty machine.


This high-quality plastic assembled trolley is designed for professional salon & spa.It is made by plastic and easy to carry and use.
It has a big drawer to store beauty equipment like
The wheelbarrow design has enough room for the beauty machine, and four convenient rolling wheels to push the trolling.
There are two shelves for easier access to things like gels or changing the head


- Four universal wheels that can rotate 360 degrees
- Simple and useful design
- Big drawer & tray for storage
- Easy to push & carry

Beauty Test Tools salon use Simple and useful design Easy to carry  a big drawer to store
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