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Ultrasonic gel

5pcs Ultrasonic Gel Slimming Cream Fat Loss

face cleaning

Silicone Electric Face Cleansing Brush Facial Skin Cleaner Massager


Pore Cleaning Acne Wrinkle Remover Mite Killer Tightening Device

skin Tightening device

5pcs Ultrasonic Gel Slimming Cream Fat Loss

  • Anti Aging
  • Skin Lifting
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti Wrinkles


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Type:Ultrasonic Gel
Application:Apply with RF,Cavitation, ultrasonic, IPL and other beauty device
Ingredient:Elastin,Hyaluronic acid,Vitamin E,Tightening agent
Net Weight:300g


1. Whitening, firming and lifting skins.
2. Good for slimming and shaping body.
3. Enhance the effect of RF & ULTRASOINC & NO NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY treatment.
4. Effectively resist skin aging caused by ultraviolet radiation and hormone deficiency.
5. Restore skin vitality and repair aging and dryness cell fiber tissue.
6. To help the synthesis of collagen, and make skin elastic and smooth.

Packing List:

1X Ultrasonic Injection Gel


Apply appropriate amount to the face, massage while rubbing to promote absorption, or with ultrasound, and clean after 20 minutes

Ultrasonic gel

5pcs Ultrasonic Gel Slimming Cream Fat Loss


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