Mini R-F Radio Frequency BIO Skin Lifting Facial Skin Care Beauty Device

  1. Skin Rejuvenation

  2. Wrinkle Removal

  3. Anti-Ageing

  4. Skin Lighting

  5. Reduce fine lines


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This beauty care device employs radio frequency ( RF) thermal technology for high frequency thermal skin care, together with EMS to treat facial Muscles.

There are 2 RF output heads, provding RF waves at one million vibrations per second, as well asa an EMS output head for alternating low frequency electric current. Thermal treatment and muscle stimulation may be carried out simultaneously.

A method to strengthen and stimulate muscles through the use of electric impulses. Widely used in muscles training and general exercising equipment.

Radio Frequency (RF) Themal Technology
Skin is warmed uo through high frequency vibrations, widely used in thermal beauty treatments.


1, Charge the device
2, Cleansing of face
3, Apply skin care products on area to be treated.
4, Power on the device
5, Select treatment mode
6, Select intensity level
7, Place the device on area to be treated, following the procedures in " treatment" on P20-21 in the manual. slowly glide th device in the direction indicated by the arrows.
8, End the treatment procesure fro ebay parts aftre 4 minutes
9, Clean the device, and Put the deive in storage

Main Functions:

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Face & Neck lifting & remodeling
Reduce cellulite
Increace collagen level


Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Output Voltage: DC5V, 500MA/1A
Power: 2.5w
Material of device: ABS & PC
Material of treatment heads: Stainless Steel
Weight: 156g
Size: 170*49*20mm
Display: 1.3 inch OLED

Packing List:

1* main body
1* manual
1* power Supply

Skin Firming Skin Lifting Facial Spa Anti Aging skin tightening machine face lift facial massage machine

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