New Ultrasonic Microcurrent Face Slimming Machine

1. Three gear to adjust and five modes to choose
2. 304 Stainless steel surface, anti-allergic, fine polished, no harm to skin.
3. Streamline design, portable handheld, easy to operate.
4. Use together skin care gel, body slimming gel.
5. It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body slimming.


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New Ultrasonic Microcurrent Face Slimming Machine


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Ultrasonic high-frequency micro-vibration, promote skin care products penetrating into skin basal layer, activate skin cells.
EMS pads has micro current stimulation, can stimulate muscles and consume surrounding fat, sugars and carbohydrates for keeping your body slimming.
Dual LED light therapy, combines blue and red LED light to dilute dullness, remove acne, eliminate wrinkle and restore skin elasticity.
Electrode silver fiber gloves, shaping body and improve circulation.
Three gear to adjust and five modes to choose
304 Stainless steel surface, anti-allergic, fine polished, no harm to skin.
Streamline design, portable handheld, easy to operate.
Use together skin care gel, body slimming gel.
It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body slimming.

Effective physical therapy techniques

1) Generate 1 MHz (1000000 times/s vibration) ultrasound by massage head made of stainless stell
Function is:
Mechanical effect, thermal effect, physical and chemical effect:
Ultrasonic can change the capacity and movement of every cell with precise massage function which is named as cells massage. It can stimulate and adjust the cytomemebrane, increase the permeability of epidermis, its thermal, physical and chemical effects can rise the temperature in deep skin by 0.5-1°, promote skin to absorb essence, accelerate metabolism and reinforce the regenerative course of tissue.
Ultrasonic can also decompose waste surrounding fat, consume energy, repair lymph and capillary vessels with weight losing and figure sculpting functions.
Common Technical Indices--- Vibration frequency
Ultrasound with particular function to fatty cells, such as machanical massage, chemical and heat. Joined function will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

2) DC Ion Inducting Technology (Galvanic)
DC Ion Inducting Technology is the common method used by hospital and beauty salon. It can form a weak electric field between skin surface and germinallayer, temporarily break the skin barrier layer, remove dirt from pores with the principle of Opposites Attract and conduct essence of different functions(such as acne removing, moisturizing, wlutrning and wrinkles resisting) into deep skin with the principle of homogeneous repellent. Replenish effective ingredients into skin which may accumulate surrounding skin cells as ion clusters, promote cells to constantly absorb essence with the absorbent concentrative several and dozens times of higher than extending or oral take.
In addition, positive electrode can generate acid achon with the functions of tranquilizing nerves, dropping blood supply in skin, strengthen the fiber tissue of skin, shrinking pores and relieving reddish skin. It is applicable for allergic akin and acne. Negative electrode can generate alkali action, stimulate nerves, promote blood circulation, soften fiber tissue and strengthen firmness, and is applicable for dry and aging skin with slow metabolism.

3) Phototherapy Technology
Phototherapy Technology is new based on narrow band LED, and can be used for curing different skin diseases such as acne, light aging (light hurt), non melanoma skin cancer, skin rejuvenation, leucoderma, and heal up wound after surgery.
16pcs RED LED emit red light: penetrate into deep tissue, promote macrophage to release a series of cell factors under red light, stimulate the division of fibroblasts and the formulation of growth factor, influence the inflammation course, heal up and repair wound. It is proven clinically to remove wrinkles, strengthen skin firmness, smoothen skin and resist aging.

Red light boasts certain function in curing acne with penetration and inflammation resistant functions. Red light has better effect in curing inflammatory skin damage, expose skin under red and blue light by turns to safely and effectively cure acne inflammation and non inflammatory skin damage.
16 pcs blue LED emit Blue light play role of preventing and curing acne which is not caused by bad foods habit and greasy foods since fat gland secrets too much oil which may combine with cells in the gland, jam proes of skin and generate bacterium, which may cause skin inflammatory and reddish, and result in acne.
Treatment Principle of Blue Light: propionibacterium acnes (P. Ace) is anaerobia, P. Acne generate generate endogenous porphyrin under normal metabolism. When these bacterium expose under blue light, they will generate more porphyrin and cause unstable singlet oxygen in certain part. Singlet oxygen is toxic for cells and can combine compound in cytomembrane and hurt cytomembrane, thus cause propionibacterium acnes irreversible functional incapacitation and death.

4) Low frequency (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) Technology
Low frequency therapy technology can imiate the actual feeling of back massage, knock, massage, manipulation, acupuncture and ffire pot to dredge the chamels, promote qi and blood circulation. Thus it is effective as pain-killer and also increase A.T.P value. ATP is one of the chemical action in human body and provides heat energy for muscle and body.


This devices also belong to new generation of bionic devices. Microcurrent Therapy is an advanced Technology method which excites muscles with a low frequency current, thus causing ab involuntaty contraction of the muscles. This is called “passive movement”.
Muscle movement consumes energy and burns fat, sugar and carbohydrates from the surrounding tissue, During normal exercises muscles consume around 60-70 joules of energy per second, but this increase during high frequency passive movement exercise of the muscle up to 3000-4000 joules per second. As a result, this triggers the consumption of oxygen and the release of caron dioxide and water that circulate through our body as part of the normal respiration process.
This slimming method is intended for reducing fat around the thighs, waist and upper arms. And it is ofter used to create muscles tone after injury and provide targetde muscle development in athletes.

Important Notice

1) You may press the function key to switch the skin care mode, there is no need to turn off the power. No matter which function you are using, you may press “Power off” button to turn off the power directly.

2) To ensure that ultrasound functions well, you can drop a tiny amount of water in the metal detect surface to see the water bobs. If the water bobs, it means that this machine is under normal function (modes for EMS and Far Infared Function are excluded).

3) This machine should be used under normal conditions. Remember to turn off the power and unplug the cable when you stop caring skin.

4) The idea time of using this product is as follows:
Treatment week 1-2 week 3-8 maintenance
Ultrasound with gel daily 3 times a week weekly
Microcurrent(EMS) 3 times a week twice a week weekly

5) Don’t use the machine without putting any skin care product on your skin. When you care skin with ultrasound, gel like skin care products highly recommended.

6) When you are using this machine, always adhering the metal detector completely to your skin. An incomplete contact will cause a big difference of impedance and disperse energy on the interface and ultrasound will not transmit into skin well.

7) When you finish using the machine, wipe off the medium left on the metal detector. A soft cloth is recommended to prevent any possible scratch. Do not use water and any other chemical, cleanser or washing-up liquid to clean this product.


Resource: DC15V, 0.35A
Current: 350 mA
Ultrasonic waves: 1 Mhz
Unit size: 19x8x6cm
Unit weight: 230g, Material: ABS
Packing: 1pc/gift box, 36pcs/carton
Carton size: 53.5x41x32cm
G. W/N. W: 32/35kgs

Slimming Device

Skin Lifting

Weight Loss


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