Microcurrent Body Shape Tighten Lift Slimming Electrode Cellulite Remove Machine

  1. Bio Electric Muscle Stimulation

  2. EMS Microcurrent Cellulite Removal

  3. Removing Internal Toxining of Body

  4. Relieving Arthritis, Arthralgia, Rheumatism


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Microcurrent Body Shape Tighten Lift Slimming Electrode Cellulite Remove Machine


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Equiped with 10 groups of pulse pads with BIO-ELectristimulation which work on the special points of body, this electronic pulse body massager achieves the effects o loosing weight, muscle tightening and removing the internal toxin body.


Treatment Applications

This electronic pulse body massager can treat on the neck, shoulders, back, vertebrae, arms, abdnomen, waist, buttocks, thighs and calf.


Treatment Effects

- Reduce cellulite
- Removing body fatigue and stress
- Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae stains
- Unclogging mammary gland


How To Use Electronic Pulse Body Massager

1.Clean the treatment area of your body.
2.Connect one end of the EMS wire to the pads, and the other one to the device.
3. Remove the protective films from the pads,and then stick the pads onto the treatment area. Do not overlap the two pads.
4.Make sure that the EMS intensity is at level 0.
5.Turn on, press EMS button, select a proper EMS level on the right side of device body.
6. Reset the EMS intensity level to 0 every time after use.
7.Two pads have to be used together at the same time.



Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
Rated Power: <=40W
Working Current: <=50MA
Pulse Output: 10 channels
Maximum Treatment Time: 90mins
Pulse Waveforms: 5 Modes
Pulse Frequency: 30Hz/s ~ 800Hz/s
Pulse Power: 0 ~ 270 Angels Adjustable
Pulse Speed: 3 Levels Adjustable
Shink Time: 0.1 ~ 5s
Loose Time: 0.1 ~ 5s
Machine Dimension: 40cm*27cm*13cm
Packing Size: 47cm*35cm*23cm


Package list

1 x Electronic Pulse Body Massager Host
1 x Accessories Holder
10 Pairs x Square Electrode Pads
10pcs x Electrode Lines
1 x Elastic Bandage
1 x Power Cord

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