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cavstorm cavitation machine

CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum RF Skin Tightening Microcurrent Slimming Machine

Fat Burning Machine

CaVstorm 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum RF Body Contouring Weight Loss Machine


Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening RF Face Lifting Treatment Machine

Mono-polar RF Radio Frequency face care machine

CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum RF Skin Tightening Microcurrent Slimming Machine

  1. Bigger Touch Screen, Add logo free. Designed for High-End Spa Users.
  2. Newest 2021 Technology Cavitation 3.0 Fast Fat Loss Result
  3. Each Handle has 2 functions, can use separately or together
  4. Clear Cups can take off, send you two different size cups.
  5. Eliminate Stretch Marks, Cellulite
  6. Relief Pain And Inflammation, Help Fat Loss
  7. Cavitation+vacuum, Vacuum+rf, Double Function Handle
  8. Suction&RF Skin Face Lifting and Tighten


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Cavitation 3.0–A Whole New Technology Innovation & Upgrading

CaVstorm using the strong sound wave head that concentrates the strong sound waves, the sound waves with a frequency of 40,000HZ are emitted. After entering the human body, human cells produce an attack effect and movement between fat cells, which can effectively consume energy, consume cell water, and consume cell water Decrease fat cells, and at the same time, when the sound wave divides, CaVstorm causes strong division between cells, cell rupture, and fat cell reduction, so as to achieve the effect of inhibiting fat.

5 advantages of CaVstorm

1. New Ultrasonic Transducer
Base on cavitation 2.0 technology, we redesign the new ultrasonic transducer, which is much stronger than old version.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 2.0: output of power in one point.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 3.0: output of power cover all transducer.

2. Work efficiency
With more strong power of the ultrasonic transducer, save much working time and improve efficiency of treatment.

3. Low loss rate.
More high-quality and energy-saving handle materials to reduce the loss rate.

4. Storm Vacuum & Cavi probe, 2 function double result.
Storm vacuum accumulate fat cellulite, and then Cavi achieve concentrated blasting.

5. Storm Bio & Photon, fixed points to clear the meridians.
Red Photon promotes metabolism and activates cells; Microcurrent Bio open the meridians and acupoints for more effective shaping treatment.

Tips Before Using

1. Before using the CaVstorm, clean the skin and apply appropriate beauty and skin care products to ensure the normal operation of the instrument;

2. Please remove the metal jewelry you wear to avoid weakening the effect of ion pulse before treatment;

3. Sensitive skin will have slight redness and swelling after using CaVstorm, which is a normal phenomenon and will subside soon;

4. Use Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe burst fat, it is recommended not to exceed 2 times a week.

5. There must be other media such as gel during Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe fat explosion operation, otherwise there will be a certain loss of the instrument.

6. During Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe at burst treatment, some customers may experience tinnitus. This phenomenon is normal because this band has exceeded the range of human sound waves.

7. The Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe gathering wave fat head of this instrument cannot be used on the head (above the neck). Not for glottis and sexual organs.

8.After treatment, the user should drink water in time.

Technical Specifications

Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe
Ultrasound Cavitation 3.0
Frequency: 40KHz

Storm Vacuum & RF Probe
Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Air flow: >10L/minute
Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Storm Bio & Photon
Red light: 65W 75mw / cm2
Microcurrent Bio Frequency:1.5K

Packing List

1x Main Machine
1x Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe
1x Storm Vacuum & RF Probe
6x Storm Bio & Photon Pads
2x Filter
1x Power Cord
2x Fuse
1x Set Holder
1x Set Belt
1x (pack)Filter Cotton

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Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 54 × 45 × 25 cm
cavstorm cavitation machine

CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum RF Skin Tightening Microcurrent Slimming Machine


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