4D Ultrasound 40K Cavitation Body Slimming Vacuum R-F Radio Frequency Beauy Machine Spa

  • Latest 4D Cavitation High Tech for Body Slimming

  • Non-intrusive Operation, High safety

  • Multifunction for One Machine, Saving Time and Convenience

  • Three Handles with Multiple Functions

  • Reduce Fat Cells without Rebounding

  • Safe Non-invasive, No Surgery Required, Reduce Fat, Sigificant Effect


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4D Ultrasound 40K Cavitation Body Slimming Vacuum R-F Radio Frequency Beauy Machine Spa


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Obesity: What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is generally caused by eating too much and moving too little, but what causes obesity is a complex disease, following analysis will be collected to explain:

1. Genetic Factors
Some people believe that obesity is closely related to heredity. The reason is that heredity reduces energy metabolism and causes excessive obesity. Many people with genetic obesity are obese from childhood. They are often accompanied by hyperlipoproteinemia (m, V type).

2. Dietary Factors
Excessive calorie intake, especially high-fat diet is the main cause of obesity. If you eat too much, the body's intake of heat exceeds the normal consumption, and the amount of fat in food stored in the fat store of the human body will increase most, thus forming obesity.

3. Endocrine Factors
Too much insulin secretion in obese people. With the increase of age, when the thyroid function and gonad function are low, fat metabolism is disturbed. Fat breakdown in the body is slowed down and synthesis is increased. Fat accumulation is one of the reasons for increasing obesity with age.

4. Sleep
The reason for obesity is not enough SLEEP! Studies have found that if you are insomnia, your overall insulin response will decrease by 16%, and the sensitivity of gastric fat cells to insulin will decrease by 30%. This level usually only occurs in patients with obesity and diabetes. So if you don't get enough sleep for a long time, you will get fat and even suffer from diabetes. Leaders of the study also stated that "for the body to function properly, fat cells also need sleep."

How Does 4D Cavitation Work?

The 4D Cavitation is the lateset ultrasonic cavitation technology, 4D cavitation probe combines two independent cavitation treatment areas in one which can emits ultrasonic sound waves at 40KHz from two separate directions, which penetrates the skin together and focus on the subcutaneous fatty of the treatment area directly and densely. This 4D cavitation work is just like two ultrasonic cavitation probes work on treatment area. More deep enough and higher power to reach the subcutaneous fat layer. That's why 4D cavitation result is even double than the cavitation 1.0 or unoisetion cavitation 2.0.

Why V6 Is The Best 4D Cavitation Machine To Buy?

V6 is a professional comprehensive equipment combines with high tech and multi-functional combinations involving 4D cavitation, BIO microcurrents, PRO RF and RF radio frequency body slimming, vacuum negative pressure and LED phototherapy.

How Does V6 4D Cavitation Machine Work?
Firstly, 4D Cavitation Machine use 40KHz ultrasound wave to explode subcutaneous fat, and then the RF high-frequency radio waves acted on the water molecules in the subcutaneous fat precisely, resulting the water molecules of the fatty cells to vibrate rapidly. The heat generated by this high-speed rotating friction heats the subcutaneous fat tissue, and applies special physical stimulation to the skin tissue to promote action and make it oppressed. Wrinkles in skin tissue, and subtle mechanical stimulation of deep skin tissue under the action of vacuum negative pressure, which promotes biochemical reactions in deep adipose tissue to accelerate fat consumption, and rapidly activates lipase under specific magnetic waves and RF radio frequency to accelerate lipolysis. The fat cells are decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are excreted by the body's metabolism, so that the volume of fat cells is reduced, and the effect of improving cellulite tissue and fat-dissolving and shaping are achieved.

4D Cavitation Machine Benefits

1. Non-intrusive operation, high safety
Generate heat through PRO RF and RF, ablate excess fat, no surgery, no trauma, very safe.
2. Multifunction for one machine, saving time and convenience
Two handles can work at the same time, the operation time is about half an hour, saving operation time, convenient and fast.
3. Reduce fat cells without rebounding
Burns subcutaneous fat, reduces excess fat cells, does not rebound
4. Proliferate collagen, firmer skin
At the same time as breaking down fat, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen and fills in the vacancies of subcutaneous fat.
5. Three handles with multiple functions
A: Two independent size handles (PRO RF, RF),
B: Multifunctional 4D Cavitation ultrasonic, BIO microcurrent, vacuum negative pressure, RF, led infrared and other multifunctional handle heads.
6. No recovery period
Do as you go without affecting normal life and work.


Power Suppy Input:110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ
Power Consumption:160W

40K 4D Cavitation Handle
Power Supply Output:150V
Power: 55W

RF Handles
Power Supply Output:66V

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