2 In 1 Skin Scrubber Face Peeling Dirt Removal Anti Ance Device

  1. Deep Cleaning To Removal Aged Cuticle

  2. Decomposition And Desalination Of Pigments

  3. Deep Wrinkle Removal, Ehance Skin Elasticity

  4. Promote Facial Blood Circulation And Lymphatic Metabolism

  5. Enhance Skin Regeneration And Permeability

  6. Massage Skin, Nutrition Import, Miscellaneous Export.

  7. Apply To Any Skin, Gently Care For Your Skin


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Usage method:

Promotion model
1 Press the power buttonfor2 seconds to tum on the power supply
2 Choose three times Liting Mode
CompactLiftMode, Enter Negative lonMode
it is recommended that the best use of the essence is better.
3 Apply the essence to the face.

Dean mode

1 Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the power supply

2 Choose a time Cleansing Mode

Clean export mode with a color function

Hold the conductive stips on both sides and enter the positive ion export mode.

It is recommended to use facial cleanser first and then clean the face
3 Apply the liquid to your face.


Ultrasound is a kind of high-frequency mechanical vibration wave, which is widely used in medical and cosmetic fields. The mechanical wave has mechanical, thermos thermal, and catalytic effects. It can produce a mild resonance effect on human skin at low energy and high-frequency vibration, enhance the vitality of cells, and the permeably of various skin issues, dredge sweat glands and shrink pore.

Deep massage through high-frequency vibration can improve microcirculation while fat movement, make fat cells bumped decompose into metabolites and discharge out of the body, so as to achieve a clean feet Withaspecial shovel probe, it can effetielyenter1- 2cmunder the skin, and make the beauty solution fine and atomized through the vibration of soundwaves. Thesedirtandexcess sebum can be emulsified, and with the splash elimination,this cleaning effect is faster and more effective.

Thus remove excess cuticle, fat granules, acne, blackhead, etc,so that your skin can better absorb nutrients, so that your skincare-fresh.

Maintenance methods:

1Ensure that the local power supply is turned off

2 Use wet paper towels or alcohol to wipe the stains on the skin and mainframe,

Do not use diluents or other corrosive and industrial products to wipe this product

3 Keep in a dry place after cleaning,


Press and hold the 2S switch for a long time, the captain will enter the standby mode after pressing the switch, the 60s, 4 lights flash, 60s, cooperation, automatic shutdown, short press the touch key to switch the mode, 1st gear, no EMS, no heating, cleaning gear, light on, 2ndgear, moistening gear, EMS massage function, molding gear, light on, 3rd gear, no EMSlifting gear, light on, 4th gear, cleaning gear, no EMS heating, Cleaning gear light and heating light are on the fifth gear moistening gear has EMS heating gear light and heating light is on the sixth gear lifting gear does notEMS has heating gear light and heating light is on the working time is 10 minutes working 10minutes, then automatically shut down and press the seventh time to enter the standby mode again.

Plugin the USB to charge and fill up the front 4 lights of running water, only the clean-ing gear light will be on.


Product Name: ZTY0910

Rated power: 4W

Output voltage: DC3.7V

Charging mode: Wireless chargingNet content;168g

Size: 168x 50 x17

[caption id="attachment_23313" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Dirt Removal Dirt Removal[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_23312" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Ultrasound Face Skin Cleaner Ultrasound Face Skin Cleaner[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_23311" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Skin Scrubber Peeling Skin Scrubber Peeling[/caption]

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