Photon Photodynamic LED light PDT Rejuvenation Beauty Lamp

  1.  Multi-functional LED PDT light beauty device can effectively solve various skin
    problems of face and body.

  2. Multiple color LED lights can be selected or combined together for different needs
    of skin rejuvenation.

  3. Simple, convenient, fast, safe and effective, no side effects.

  4. Multiple color wave physiotherapy can purify and whiten skin and protect skin
    deeply and evenly.

  5. Wide range of operation; suitable for any skin; powerful repair function.

  6. No consumables, long lifespan, stable performance and long continuous working

  7. No pain, no trauma, quick recovery time.

  8. Different light penetrates into the skin at different depths, resulting in different

  9. It can be used with Spa products and has a wide range of practical applications.


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Photon Photodynamic LED light PDT Rejuvenation Beauty Lamp


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Pro Toy-block 480 LEDs PDT LED Photon Photodynamic Beauty Machine IR Healing is
currently the most popular beauty machine that works on skin rejuvenation, acne
removal, wrinkle removal, dark spots removal, skin firming and overall quality
betterment. It’s an effective replacement of various sorts of LED photon rejuvenation
and skin care treatment. It’s convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin of face
and body management issues for beauty-lovers. This equipment requires no injection, no medication, no operation, thus having no side-effects. It is used externally during
the whole process and has an immediate effect. Pro Toy-block 480 LEDs PDT LED
Photon Photodynamic Beauty Machine IR Healing can activate deep cells, accelerate
cell growth, stimulate fiber cell tissue to produce collagen, so as to achieve the beauty
results of refining skin, fading fine lines, and brightening skin.

Beauty Lamp Machine


- Inclusive-customize width, connect boards as you please.
- Convenient- Save space, fold or stack as you please.
- Worry-free, Simplistic after-sale, replace boards as you please.
- Efficient-combine 4 colors & IR as you please.
- Customizable-Whole body coverage builds fun stuff

Magnifying Lamp


Input is divided into 110 and 220v (dip switch to adjust switching power supply)
Total power: 165w (5 light boards)
No light power: 10w (screen, fan, circuit)
Monochromatic lamp :
Red light: 65W 75mw / cm2
Infrared: 40W 64mw / cm2
Yellow: 38W 40mw / cm2
Blue: 35W 48mw / cm2
Green: 20W 36mw / cm2
The number of single light boards:
Red light 108
Yellow 108
Infrared 112
Greenlight: 40
Blue lights: 40
Total: 408

Woods Lamp

beauty machine

PDT(Photodynamic Therapy) Machine

pdt photon

LED Photon machine

anti aging

Skin Rejuvenation

skin care

Skin Analyzer

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