Professional Hydro Water Jet Peeling Dermabrasion Machine R-F


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Professional Hydro Water Jet Peeling Dermabrasion Machine R-F


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1. Rejuvenate sun damaged skin-face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs.
2. promote the production of collagen and elasticity.
3. eliminate scars, recover skin elasticity and gloss
4. relieve tension, to maintain skin elasticity
5. anti-aging, skin rejuvenation
6. wrinkle removing, facial care


Functions: Dermabrasion+Ultrasonic+RF+Spray+Cold Hammer+Skin Scrubber
Hydro dermabrasion Bottlers: A, B, C
Ultrasonic Ultrasound:18W
Cold hammer: 1.5W
Ultrasound Skin Scrubber: 30W
Polymer Atomizing Pen: -0~-0.8MPa
Oxygen sprayer: 0.25~0.4MPa
RF: 25W
RF frequency: 1MHz
Ultrasound frequency: 21.6KHz
Scrubber frequency: 21.6KHz

Packing Lists

  • 1* Main Machine

  • 1* Power Cord

  • 1* RF Head

  • 1* Cold Hammer Handle

  • 1* Hydra Dermabrasion Pen

  • 1* Skin Scrubber Handle

  • 1* Oxygen Spray

  • 1* Ultrasonic Handle

  • 1* Plastic Stand

  • 1* User Manual

  • 3* Hydro Dermabrasion Bottlers

  • 2* Water Purification Bottles

  • 1* Dermabrasion filter

Skin Scrubber Cleaner

Dermabrasion Machine Hydro Water Jet Peeling
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