Mini Orange Color USB Rechargeable Electric Sonic Skin Scrubber Handheld Device

  1. Peeling & Lfiting

  2. ION,Enhance Nutrition Absorption

  3. Wrinkle Removal

  4. Pore Tighten


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Mini Orange Color USB Rechargeable Electric Sonic Skin Scrubber Handheld Device


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Theory and Functions

Boost circulation and speed up the metabolism of skin. Through ultrasonic oscillation, penetrate into the pore, deeply clean the skin dirt, senescent cells and corneous layer; Can effectively remove acne, blackhead acne. Accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, fade spots.
IONS deeply cleaning the skin of the impurities can cause a dull and lifeless appearance.This process happens when negative charges IONS attract
and encapsulate toxins,preparing them to be removed.Following up on this,the positive IONS work to attract the encapsulated impurities from deep
skin.Not only this treatment leaves the skin thoroughly clean, but also improves oxygenation and circulation,which promotes cellular health and helps
to stave off free-radical damage and premature aging.


1.Ultrasonic action
2.Instant skin smoothing
3.Gentle and effective
4.24,000 vibration per second

Working Modes

Mode 1:Peeling & Lifting(continuous working & pulse working) With 24KHz sonic vibration, the device can help the user remove the dead skin, and
the user can choose the working mode according to preference.
Mode 2:ION+ION-(continuous working & pulse working) With galvanic IONS technology, the device can help skin absorb the nutrition, and lead into
deep skin,With ION-,the device can help user get elastic skin,removal wrinkle, tighten pore ,improve skin metabolism.


This unit is only for intended purpose (beauty use).
DO NOT immerse this product in water. This product is not water resistant.
DO NOT place where it can fall or be pulled into water. This unit can be clean by wiping with warm water.Dry thoroughly before using.
DO NOT use this product if it's not working properly, or if it has been dropped or damaged.
There are no user serivceable parts inside the unit,
Discontinue use immediately if the cord of plug is damage or become hot.It may cause fire,electric shock,short circuit,or burns.
Keep the unit away from the children.DO NOT let them use or play the unit.


sonic scrubber
Power supply:AC100~240v,50/60HZ
Ultrasound frequency:24K HZ
Size: 170*55*15.5mm
Weight: 94g
Power: 2W

Orange Color USB  Handheld Device
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