Rechargeable Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing LED Photon Therapy Rejuvenation Machine

  1. LED red light treatment Speed up themetabolism to restore elasticity luster.

  2. LED blue light treatment Eliminate acne and reduce pigmentation

  3. Nutrient Supply Iontophoresis

  4. Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation


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Use the principle of air conditioner. Using special wafer ceramics, absorbing energy, and achieving one-side cold effect in an instant, the heat energy generated by the absorption of energy by the wafer uses the physical heat collecting method to generate heat on the other side, and the fan discharges excess heat energy to achieve constant temperature and freezing. The effect produced.LED lights for beauty.


This is the Rechargeable LED Color Therapy Photon Import Rejuvenation Beauty Massage Handle.Using special wafer ceramics, absorbing energy, and achieving one-side cold effect in an instant..The effect produced.LED lights for beauty.Use for face.Especially the nose.


1. LED Red Light treatment Speed up themetabolism to restore elasticity luster.
A stable red underlying skin to improve blood circulation,promote metabolism,stimulate fibroblast to grow,regenerate collegen,detoxify,improve pigmentation spots and restore skin elasticity.
2.LED blut light treatment eliminate acne and reduce pigmentation.
Apply spot or acne solution to skin with color spots and mode.Eliminate acne and reduce pigmentation at targeted site by massaging from inside to outside and from bottom to top.
3.Nutrient Supply Iontophoresis
Fully penetrate the nutrients into your bottom skin to better perform the effect of skin care products.
4.Wrinkleselimination Lift and tighten your skin
Apply the essence at key sites and circularly from inside to outside of your face.
5. Ultrasonic: Remove wrinkles, Remove spots, acne, pouch and black rim of the eye, desalt scar, Tighten the skin, increase skin elasticity, Import the catalysis, let nutrients more fast and is absorbed by the skin.

Product Specification

Product size: 165*35*34cm
Material: ABS+PC Stainless Steel 304
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 3W
Type of Battery: Lithium Battery(embedded)

Package listing

Main Machine x1 pc
Usb Cable x1 pc
Wrapping bag x1 pc
Chinese-English Use manual x1 pc

Rechargeable LED Color  restore elasticity luster.  Rejuvenation Massage herapy Photon Import
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