Mini Vacuum Portable Facial Pore Cleaner Black Head Removal Beauty Device

  1. Remove blackheads, acne and grease.

  2. Improve the rough skin

  3. Facial Skin Care

  4. shrink pore and add skin permeability.

  5. Improves skin, improves wrinkles, fine lines


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Mini Vacuum Portable Facial Pore Cleaner Black Head Removal Beauty Device


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Working Principle

Bubble forms a vacuum circuit by vacuum negative pressure, which combines the ultra micro bubbles and nutrient solution to the skin through a specially designed small spiral suction head, and can keep the ultra tiny bubbles contact the skin for a long time and promote the peeling effect. The ultra micro bubbles are combined with the adsorption, thus it can clean surface, remove aging cuticle cells, remove sebum, remove all kinds of impurities, mite and oil residue in safe and no pain condition, and make the hair follicle funnel full of nutrients, provide lasting nutrition for skin, and make skin moist and glossy.


a. Easy operation, safely protect skin;
b. Professional products mix, it's fast and effective;
c. Clean deeply, moisturize;
d. Remove blackhead, shrink pore and add skin permeability.


Main device x 1
Suction heads x 5, two soft (suit for thin skin people) and three hard suction heads
USB charging wire x 1
Solution bottle x 2 (Does not include the essence in the package.)

 Remove blackheads


Remove acne and grease



Improve the rough skin



Facial Skin Care

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