Cooling Therapy Cold Skin Rejuvenation Shrink Blood Strengthen Device

8 degree physiological action and effect

1.Shrink blood vessels to close and tighten pores, which can solve the problem of thick pores
2.Strengthen the collagen fibers to make skin more compact and flexible,which can smooth wrinkles, crow's effect
3.Shrink blood vessels,effectively reduce varicose veins,float the thin tendons to purify and detoxify easily with venous return, which can effectively dilute and eliminate the speck
4.Reduce the metabolic rate, inhibit and slow cells activity to reduce the sensitive of peripheral nerves, which can alleviate the skin red, swollen, pain, particularly for allergic skin.


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Cooling Therapy Cold Skin Rejuvenation Shrink Blood Strengthen Device


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It is know to modern that the food stored in refrigerator at low temperature can be maintained the original flavor
But it is generally ignored and unknown that low-temperature can cure,improve skin and has cosmetic effect
As far back as 2500BC,the ancient Egyptians already knew that putting the ice directly on the wound can reduce pain and swelling degree, so they is considered the ancestor of cooling Skin
In short, Cooling skin methord is the methord carried out at the surface temperature which is lower than body temperature to treat
There are many ways to achieve this purpose, not only traditional way,but also science and technology,such as ice water, ice,dry ice, ice bags, liquid sputum (LN2) liquid air and so on


Voltage:220V-240V 50Hz
110V-120V 60Hz
Cold Temperature :8 Degree

Cooling Therapy Cold Skin Rejuvenation
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