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Face Skin Care Machine

5 in 1 Ultrasound Facial Cleanser Machine Galvanic Bio

blackhead removal

Laser Eye Massage Facial Microdermabrasion Skin Care Device


2021 New Ultrasonic 40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Slimming Skin Lifting 5IN1 Machine

body cavitation machine

5 in 1 Ultrasound Facial Cleanser Machine Galvanic Bio

  1. 3MHz Ultrasound Vibration Heat Therapy
  2. Wrinkles Remover, Face Lifting Or Skin Tightening
  3. Facial rf for face lifting
  4. Galvanic Microcurrent Therapy
  5. Microcurrent V face
  6. Hot cold hammer for activing skin and calm the skin


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Slow metabolism of skin, coupled with the influence of ultraviolet (uv) cause melanin precipitation and the formation of dark spots, freckles. By ultrasonic oscillation, penetrate into deep inside the wool stoma, can deep clean your skin dirt, senescent cells and corneous layer; Can effectively remove acne, blackhead acne. Accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, fade spots.

Radio Frequency:

The instrument integrates state-of-the-art RF technology and RF to reach deep fat bodies with superior performance for targeted RF. In a fast-active state, fat cell tissue can generate frictional heat, increase local temperature, remove excess fat and toxins from the body through the sweat glands, intestinal circulation and lymph, and finally achieve the effect of dissolving fat.
It can be used for facial and body cosmetic A radio frequency emitter is pressed up against the skin. These radio waves get past the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. The heat helps to contract these layers and build up collagen levels. The overall result tightens up the outer layers of skin and reduces wrinkling effects. Since there’s a lot of heat involved, some cooling must be applied to the skin at the same time.


Power supply Input: 100V-240V
Power: 190W

Ultrasonic handles for face
Frequency: 3MHZ

Power: 50Whot &cold hammer
Temperature: 0~5 degree centigrade
Power: 10W

Package Included:

Ultrasonic handles for face x1
Hot & cold hammer x1
Galvanic x1
Metal bar for Galvanic x1
EMS V Face x1

Main machine x1
Plastic holder x1
Power supply x1(We offer 100-240V, US plug)

ultra cavitation device skincare ultrasonic cavitation device Face lifting BIO RF radio frequency Cold Hammer Facial Ultrasonic beauty machine salon skin tightening Skin Tightening Machine RF Skin Tightening Machine facial massager body contouring face skin care

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 34 × 23 cm


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Face Skin Care Machine

5 in 1 Ultrasound Facial Cleanser Machine Galvanic Bio


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