360° Rotating Head Micro Current Ultrasound Massager Beauty Equipment

1. Power:12W
2.Voltage:DC 12V 3A


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360° Rotating Head Micro Current Ultrasound Massager Beauty Equipment


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Benifits of Microcurrent

Microcurrent is a safe and effictive technology for clients who wish to maintain a heal thire and younger looking appearance
1)Non-invasive facelift
2)Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
3)Improve facial circulation
4)Improve hypergimentation and acne
5)Increase product penetration


1)The elimination of wrinkles (continuous exposure mode)
U.S. condition that no wrinkles ,so healthy skin ,skin appears soft and flexible ,when the elastic protein i our skin after aging,skin lose tone an elasticity,then wrink will its clear there ,and this wrinks not a small wrink,but in the forehead,facial wrink around the obvious ,while some small wrinkles ,reduce the rate of metabloism in skin,the keratinocytes long remain in the epderims of,can not be replace for the new cells ,reulting in rough skin and the formation of small wrink ,in this case,the immidiate use ultrasound massage,can improve wrinks into Guangyuan face,great effect.

2)The elimination of dark spots
ASthe sunshine,do worry about the relatively young age,but with age growth will increasingly eye-catching spot,so the use of ultrasound massage photo short 15 minutes,the color will graduate fade,and even a small black spot in the shot ,you can see the effect of the room,which is cause by ultrasonic destruction of melanin,Therefore,ultrasound to reduce dark spots,skin discoloration have bleached white effect ,experiment show that when the ultrasound exposure ,the melain will be passed or lymphatic vessles into the kidneys,with urine excreate.

3)The elimination of acne
Since the pores of the skin depthes of the so-called sebaceous glands,while the sub-lipid secreation,and these secreted lipids and sweat gland secretion out of the sweat,sebum film hybrid form,to protect the skin. However,the period from childhood to adulthood,when the netherlands lost the rain Mongolian Ping ok,but the rain kept by the netherlands dominated the sebaceous glands continue to secrete paper fat, due to excessive secretion,and blockage of pores,as pores jams,the bacteria will inflammation ,acne will grow at this time,because wash the face of this oil as the first element ,then use ultrasound irradiation,because the role of ultrasound produce clean,so that pores are cleaned ,it tend to cure acne.


1)Bio postive and negative ion feedback ti remove the pigment and provide nutrition penetration.
2)The ultrasonic treament's warming can relax the skin cell.
3)The vibration function can activate the cells and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Package listing

1pc Main Machine
1pc Power Supply Cord
1pc Chinese-English Use manual

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