2 Handpieces Water Oxygen Jet Spa Peel Skin Care Rejuvenation No Needle Mesotherapy Machine

  1. Water Jet

  2. Oxygen

  3. No needle Mesotherapy


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2 Handpieces Water Oxygen Jet Spa Peel Skin Care Rejuvenation No Needle Mesotherapy Machine


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Water Jet Oxygen Peel technology delivers a new kind of non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin care with excellent results. The basic principal is very simple: pressurized air, oxygen molecules and negative oxygen ions accelerates a jet of micro droplets and this micro jet is used to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The Water Jet delivers moisture, vitamins and nutrients into your skin without ever touching it! It can instantly improve circulation, create a level of skin moisture and tone the skin.

How Water Jet Oxygen Peel Work ?

Each Water Jet Oxygen Peel treatment gently ‘pressure washes’ your skin simultaneously on different adjustable levels. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes debris using water, oxygen & other optional medical gasses (adjust according to treatment type and skin condition)

High-pressure jet of oxygen with a high speed accelerates the physiological solution through one or three thin nozzles on the handhold (deponds on the handpiece's type). This creates micro fine water drops which remove dead skin cells without strain and which instantly improve circulation, create a level of skin moisture.

The skin is deeply moisturized after treatment. The fundamental natural ingredients water and oxygen are essential for cell growth and repair; they stimulate collagen growth and preserve the skin tense and soft.

Handpiece of Water Jet Oxygen Peel Machine ?

With the use of a specially designed hand piece, the system creates a supersonic two-phase jet which comprise of micro-droplets of saline solution and gas, either air or oxygen. When these very small and fast moving droplets from the jet stream strike the sin, the kinetic energy of the droplets peel off the outer layers of the skin. When the discharged gas meets the surface, its pressure is partially restored and this pressure increases as it approaches the skin. The pressure which can reach to 2 to 3 bars, stretches the skin at and near the point of contact.


1. Deep cleaning
2. Pigmentation improvement
3. Oily skin improvement
4. Eye pouch improvement
5. Skin texture improvement
6. Allergic skin improvement
7. Water replenishing to skin
8. Skin fatigue improvement
9. Black rim of improveent
10. Dark and yellow skin improvement
11. Acne removel
12. Acne scar improvement
13. Improve wrinkle of eye area and mouth area
14. Face lifting
15. Skin whitening and rejuvenation

Technical Specification

1.Capacity of solution container : 2.5L
3.Operation manner:Single handpiece / double handpiece
4.Diameter of Water Fog:≤ 50μ M
5.Air supply:inner air supply
6.input air pressure :0.5 - 0.6 Mpa (Max)
7.Output Air Pressure :
Single Handpiece : 0.4 - 0.45 MPa
Double Handpieces: 0.25 - 0.3 MPa (Continue Mode)
8.Spray Speed:<250m/s
9.power supply :100/110V or 220/240V 50-60Hz
10.Rated input power:850W
11.Net weight : 50kg
12.Dimension :47cm x 38cm x 94.9xm
13.Packing :67cm x57cm x 105cm

Water Oxygen Jet Spa Peel Skin Care
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