5in1 R-F Cavitation Vacuum Body Slim Fat Removal

  1. 40k cavitation fat burning cellulite reduction

  2. Skin tightening, promote blood circulation

  3. Face Lifting Skin Lifting Wrinkle Removal

  4. Body Sculpting Body Slimming  Fat Removal


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5in1 R-F Cavitation Vacuum Body Slim Fat Removal


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Cavitation RF radio frequency body sculpture and facelift system with fat dissolve ultrasonic cavitation handpiece, RF handle for body skin tightening, vacuum sextupolar RF handle, can get effects of soothing, decompression and pain relief

Why Choose This 5 In 1 Cavitation RF System?

- Touch screen, easy to operation
- Training 30 minutes once, 2-3 times one week, and you will see a difference after 8-12 weeks.
- Using match with gel, cream, or essential oil to get better result.
- Apply body area: arm, waist, abdomen, and legs
- Work for both body and face
- Affordable costs, high investment profit

What Problems Can Be Solved?

- Breaks the fat adipocytes into liquid.
- Eliminate localized fat deposits and get a S shape
- Skin tightening, improve face body line
- Lymphatic drainage and body massage
- Skin pigmentation reduction, circulation enhanceme

What Does The A, B, C Modes Work For?

This 5 in 1 cavitation RF system has 10 programmes with different intensity levels to treat different areas of the body and 2 working modes:
A mode is for treatment of thick fat deposits such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks areas.
B mode is recommended for areas with low level of adipose tissue, such as face
C mode is for normal level of adipose tissue.

Cavitation 40k Cellulite Reduction Winkle Removal 5 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation RF cavitation weight loss facelift system fat dissolve
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