Two Handle Piece SHR OPT HAIR REMOVAL Beauty Body Care MACHINE

a, Curing and polishing up whole face;
b, No need of shutdown or rest;
c, Operation time is short, only 15-20minutes;
d, No side effect



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Freezing painless,complete hair removal,colorful touch screen,integrated photon and IPL in one,free to choose functions,intelligent interface,easy to understand,SHR(OTP) professional hair removal beauty instrument technology:optical energy+epidermal cooling.Optical energy plays a guide role in IPL technology,optical energy concentrated effect in target tissue ,it helps strengthen the target tissue absorb optical energy under the condition of low intensity.At the same time,the contact surface cooling technology on the Operation head can eliminate the thermal effect caused by optical energy over-strong,and increase the skin impedance,reduce skin to absorb optical energy,improve the Operation efficacy and safety,and it's also effective for light color target tissue.

Knowledge about Skin

1. More Advantages. It can improve varous skin flaws:
The Operation mode of IPL has breached the limit of traditional partial focus Operation , which can care the whole face. The SHR apparatus can also care the diseases as follows: capillary vessel expanding, erythema, pigment, petty wrinkle, sunburn, brown splash, enlarged pores, whiten skin. The Operation results show that over 75% of skin of 49% of patients has been improved. Facial erythema(75% of patients) and capillary vessel expanding (49% of patients) have been improved. The improving rate of wrinkle of 73% of patients has reached 25%, wherein the improving rate of 36% of patients have reached more than 50% and the improving rate of facial wrinkle and enlarged pores of 76% of patients has reached over 50%. In clinic reflections, skin structure, pretty wrinkle, aactic pigment, enlargeed pores and capillary vessel expending of all patients are imporved.
2, Operation on the whole face to improve skin's character in order to resume skin's flexibility:
New collagenous fibre produces smooth structure: pores become large, petty lines and wrinkle become less and can be reduced to utmost-to make the skin more flexible.
3, Excellent results after 14 months and positive appraisal from patients.
Many Operation cases show that the long-time data of Operation with IPL technology is 14-18 months of patients with facial erythema and red face after Operation . The status of 80% of patients is the same as that after their last Operation . Few people get purpura edema. Most people's convalescence is 1-5 days and two Operation with an interval of 21-45days leads to better curative effect. There is no report about scars in all of cases. The IPL technology indeed provides safe Operation of nonintervention and non-exfoliation for people with love of beauty and is accepted by general suffers.
4, SHR Skin Rejuvenation is a nontraumatic technology:
Traditional skin rejuvenation technology adopts the grinding way and chemical deep-seated exuviations. Then dispelling deep-seated winkles mothod followed.Althought these methods have a certain remedy for some parts of skin aging Operation , patients usually need a rest from work and opperssive pain is accompanied. Potential side effect and shutdown seriously disturbs normal life and work. Photon skin rejuvenation adopts the Operation of nonintervention and non-exfoliation to refuvenate skin with low-density energy. Accordingly, this technique brings no paid, no side effect, no shutdown and wins higher satisfaction of patients.

Notice for the SHR

1, instructions for using IPL:
a, There is dangerous high-voltage inside the equipment, please make the panel board and blind flange closed.
b, The light head must hang on the tieback when you don't use it.
c, The light head should point at the operated position, because it sends out high-intension pulse light. Make sure the safety of the medical personnel and sufferer. Don't see the light directly even you wear the protection glasses.
2, Reflection and nursing after IPL Operation .
a, Don't use the efficiency cosmetics
b, Don't use the hot water to wash face and dont make massager
c, Don't eat the stimulus thing and pigmentary food, such as chocolate, coffee. No cigarette and alcohol
d, Pay attention to prevent sunstroke
e, Don't scratch the skin even if there is scab
f, Water replenishing 10 days later

Hair Removal
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