5in1 Vacuum Body Slimming Ultrasound Cavitation R-F Machine

  1. Cavitation Body Slimming Shaping Sculpture

  2. RF Body Skin Tightening Cellulite Removal

  3. Promote Body Metabolism Lymph Detox

  4. Face Skin Firming Fine Lines Wrinkle Removal

  5. Dark Circle Fading, Skin Lifting Anti-Aging


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5in1 Vacuum Body Slimming Ultrasound Cavitation R-F Machine


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myChway 5 in 1 fat burning cavitation machine is multi-functional equipment that works on the body and face effective, with advanced cavitation 2.0 system and smart 3d radio frequency technology, it performs well on fat burning, cellulite reduction, skin lifting rejuvenation, and anti-wrinkle. It is a non-invasive treatment procedure, does not harm your skin, and affect your normal life and work.

Advantages Of 5 In 1 Fat Burning Cavitation Machine

- FDA approved 5 in 1 cavitation machine, provides a non-invasive procedure.
- With the most useful unoisetion cavitation 2.0 system, quieter, more effective for fat burning body slimming.
- With smart 3D radio frequency technology, normal and professional mode for options, provides Personalized treatment for the user.
- Ergonomic metal handle design, better hand feel, more durable. The larger handle is suitable for the larger area of the body.
- Color touch screen with an excellent user operation, easy to use.
- Portable machine body, convenient to move, ideal for a beauty salon or spa center.

Functions Of 5 In1 Fat Burning Cavitation Machine

- Firming the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles and reshape the body figure
- Improve and treat the orange peel like fatty tissues of different serious levels
- With the effects of soothing, decompression and pain relief (such as joint pain, sciatica), promote the regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, rapidly relieve stress and remove fatigue.
- Firming, lifting and compact the skin and mould the face shape circulate and activate cells, promote metabolism and so that 100% more collagen and elastic fibers may be gained for improving the facial and body skin

Benefits Of 5 In1 Fat Burning Cavitation Machine

- Fat dissolve, stubborn cellulite treatment of parts body.
- Smooth the slack skin, improve the skin elasticity.
- Enhance the speed of the body's metabolism, promote discharging of waste and moisture from the body.
- Repair pregnancy wrinkles.
- Relax muscles, massage the body, and restore muscle pain.

Is 5 In 1 Fat Burning Cavitation Machine?

Yes, our 5 in 1 cavitation machine can provide safe and effective results, it works on localized fat area, but you won't see overnight results, but maintain more treatment sessions, you will see the obvious result.

Package List

Octupole RF Head for Body x 1
40KHz Cavitation Head x 1
Vacuum Sextupolar RF Head x1
Bipolar RF Head for Faceand eyes' around x 1
Quadrupole RF Head for Face and Small area of Body
Power cord x 1

Cavitation 40k Radio Frequency  Slimming Weight Loss  Photon Machine Salon Cavitation 40k Radio Frequency Face Skin Firming Dark Circle Fading Skin Lifting Anti-Aging
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