R-F Vacuum Suction Cellulite Reduction Skin Tightening Slimming Machine

  1. Multi-polar R-F,Vacuum Cellulite Reduction Weight Loss


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R-F Vacuum Suction Cellulite Reduction Skin Tightening Slimming Machine


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This is the NEW, REVOLUTIONARY, 2013 version! The V35 DREAM ACTION PLUS features Multiple energy sources including Multi-polar Radio Frequency as well as Negative Pressure Vacuum as well .

The synergistic combination of strong negative pressure and conducted RF energies increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating the skin,vacuum plus specially designe leads RF penetration to be even 5-15mm,
At the same time,vacuum and RF mechanical tissue manipulation nips and stretches fibrillar connective tissue,effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat as extruded capillary vessel,increase lymphatic drainage,promotes metabolism and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber and greatly improved body contouring effect

Super Effective, Non-Surgical Skin Tightener, Fat and Cellulite reducing modes blew away all the other competing technologies in all of our clinical trials. In our constant research and investment in offering, This is a BEST Leading Edge technologies, at the same time,this is one of the best machines that we have found between of MYCHWAY'S product series to flatten, tighten and tone fat cellulite, loose skin, anywhere on the face, body and extremities! Great for Non-Surgical Belly Fat and Abdominal Skin Tightening, Non-Surgical BreastLifts with skin tightening, Non-Surgical Cellulite and fat revision, neck skin tightening etc. It is safe on all skin types

MAXIMIZES your RESULTS which are Often seen after 1st SESSION!!!"


Non-Surgical Cellulite and Fat Revision,Contour and tighten post-pregnancy tummy
Non-Surgical Saggy Arm Skin Tightening,Tighten the skin on the underarms
Non-Surgical Body Skin Tightening
Non-Surgical Facial Skin Tightening, Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Non-Surgical Body Contouring,Lift and tone your bottom
Non-Surgical Abdominal Fat Revision
Non-Surgical Bra & Back Fat Revision and tightening
Non-Surgical Knee Skin Tightening
Non-Surgical Neck Skin Tightening

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency

Monopolar RF heats tissue in the treated area rather deeply (usually up to 20 mm) and thus affects both the skin and subcutaneous fat. Bipolar RF heats tissue in the treated area less deeply (usually up to 2- 4 mm) and thus primarily affects the skin. The patterns of energy distribution also differ. Whether simultaneous treatment with both types of RF is additive, synergistic or otherwise in not entirely clear and needs further research. The manufacturers of monopolar+bipolar devices believe that such combination is synergistic and allows to reduce the required intensity of each and thus minimize side effects and possibly increase effectiveness. While Multi-polar combines the electrodes for the monopolar and bipolar RF application in the same handpiece. It also utilizes sophisticated control algorithms for optimizing the concurrent application of the two types of RF as well as tailoring the output to a particular patient and treatment goal.

vaccum rf weight loss fat reduce radio frequency machine
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