Monopolar R-F Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Face Lift 5 Tips

  1. Skin Tightening RF.

  2. Face Lift Treatment 5 Tips Beauty Machine.

  3. For skin and restoration project is divided into three periods.


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RF Deep Pyrogenic Device emits two types of High-Frequency Waves (RF: 0.3MHz or 0.5MHz) deep into subcutaneous tissues. The tissue gets vibrating, rubbing against each other, producing biological thermal energy.

This thermal energy smoothly elevates the temperature (42 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius) for vasodilatation. It recovers modified cellular functions, promotes blood circulation, and normalizes lipolysis and hormone balance. It is also effective in accelerating collagen contraction and regeneration through the stimulation of collagen layers.

RF does not stimulate the sensory nerve, motor nerve or causes any muscular shrinkage inside the body but heat up the specific inner part. The excellent human safety and its effectiveness are internationally accepted and have been proven through superior clinical results.

RF Treatment

For skin and restoration project is divided into three periods
The first stage is the collagen systolic, nursing after 1 ~ 3 days will feel tight due to contraction.
The second stage is the collagen update stage, nursing ~ 1 month, 3 days after delicate degree increase, tactility is tight.
The third stage is the collagen elastic stage, nursing, 1 ~ 3 months after the skin has the effect of a tight, and become firm elasticity.
So the effect can last quite some time, if keep gold treatment time, the law of intensive use can let the skin for a long time in the third phase of an organic whole, together to present the best effect.


For Wrinkles
Due to accelerating collagen contraction and regeneration, broken parts of the skin will be lifted up, thus reducing wrinkles

For Drooping Cheeks
The cheeks will be raised due to stimulation of fibroblasts, the elevation of tensile strength of deep collagen tissues.

For Pimples
The hyperthermia energy will normalize the sebaceous glands which control the sebum secretion and the high frequency will “killed” the bacteria that cause the infections.

For Firmer Skin
The hyperthermia energy helps to promote blood and lymph circulation as well as dismantle the fat for discharge. One may feel that the face has reduced in size.


Dimensions :35.5*30*36cm
Power consumption:120W
Electrode plate 1pc
Face probe handle 1pc
Electrodes 5 pcs


1. Do not operate for over 30 minutes each time
2. For the fastest results begin treatment with the most desired area. Do not treat the whole body in one session to avoid fatigue
3. For better results, avoid treatments during the menstrual period
4. Not suitable for patient’s with heart/liver/kidney disease, cancer, varicose veins, and pregnant women
5. Hypersensitive skin. Damaged incised skin. Fresh scars
6. Overly loose skin.Severe ulcer sore
7. Severe blood vessel dilatation
8. Migraine (negative pressure treatment recommended for relaxation)

 RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

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