Monopolar Radio Frequency Cooling Massage Skin Rejuvenation Machine

  1. Make face skin tight, smooth and delicated

  2. Enhance to help blood circulation, metabolism and relaxation

  3. Strengthens collagen; enhances elasticity


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Monopolar Radio Frequency Cooling Massage Skin Rejuvenation Machine


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What's MONOPOLAR and COLD Operation

RF.SYSTEM SR-MYN3 Mesotherapy combine MONOPOLAR RF and COLD Operation TOEGHER.It is designed to promote use of MONOPOLAR radio frequency skin deep heating technology, when through the subcutaneous tissue, affects the organization with a huge in electronic produce dichotomous electronic mobile "of biological reaction, make each other collision, rotating electronic distortion, produce biological heat energy, thus promotesubcutaneous group quickly heating up, through the human body to high temperature from the function, stimulating the collagen fiber contraction, prompting collagen emerge, filling the gap and atrophy loss, rearranging and rebuild skin soft stents, realize firming skin, heal the wrinkles and recover the flexibility and burnish effect.
What's Cold Operation ,The cold treatment function is specially designed for calming down the skin after RF function. This system's cold surface temperature of the device can be down to 0 degrees celsius,The skin is sensitive after RF treatment, so the cold treatment procures is necessary.

In the beauty salon, it can be used on the eyes, face,chest,neck,arms,hips ect,it is for winkles removal, promotion, compact courses, and chest lifting, slimming body, carry up buttock, sculpture curve courses, etc.

Specifications and technical parameters

Product name: RF.SYSTEM SR-MYN3 Mesotherapy
Voltage and current: 90-120V/210-240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Supreme power consumption:350W
Function frequency:1.2Mhz
Material: ABS resin(host)

Features of Monopolar

Oscillation width is very short.
Almost no ion movement of the human body components. No electric-chemical reaction and electrolysis.
Short period of pulsation
No simulating of the sensory nerves and motor nerves not to lead to the muscle contracted. (electric-acupuncture -effect with thousands of stimulation without muscle fatigue or accumulated lactate)
Not piezo-electric
Possible to be applied to eyes and head

Features of Cold Operation

-Make face skin tight, smooth and delicated

- Enhance to help blood circulation, metabolism and relaxation

- Strengthens collagen; enhances elasticity

Regulate preparation and Notice

1. Connection (please refer the product mix content and connection method above).
2. Regulate the voltage selection, 115V for the standard voltage range for the 90-120V, 230V for 210-240V range. (This is very important, a wrong choice is easy to damage or affect the effectiveness of the instrument)
3. Confirm the main power switch off position at 0.
4. Plug in the power and turn the main power switch.
5. Gently coated with special rubber on the treating parts. (Cleaning before conditioning, more better)
6. Installed the RF head on the probe handle. (Connect the metal cylinder into the connection hole to the deepest)
7. Subject's hand with a non-drying (dry cleaning) grip loop handle, thumb put on the red power button on the safe preparation, if not press the red switch, the machine will not work.
8. Regulate the time required.

Regulate way
1. Prepared (see the regulate preparation above)
2. Press the multifunction key, then it start to work, adjust the proper intensity.
3. Fit the probe on the treating parts and constantly moving around, meanwhile can adjust the intensity. Such as non-operating by the surgeon himself, shall immediately advisory feelings, in order to avoid scald. In the conditioning process, such as the recipient feel strong, can take over the loop handle frame to pause state, that is suspension of power supply.
4. If appear dryness phenomenon in the conditioning, please pause and then add dedicated gel.
5. If need to replace the probe in the conditioning, firstly pause, and re-regulate the time and intensity.

Please use suitable skin dedicated gel, if there is something wrong with your skin, please stop using and ask the doctor for help.
Patients who have heart disease or have to use the heart rate regulator, is not allowed to use this equipment.
Patients who have faver, acute disease, serious disease, skin disease, hypertension, neoplastic disease, after operation, feeling tired and over exciting and pregnant woman are not allowed to use this equipment.
It is not allowed to use this equipment on the private part, anus and the navel.
Not used for the skin where is embedded silicon rubber or metal.
Please use the equipment after more than six months if you have ever done any operation or Injected botox.
This product is a beauty equipment, please do not used for other purposes.
Please do not require the purpose of medical effects
Please ask the doctor for consultation if you are already under his treatment.
Be careful of fire and burns.
Please choose the right voltage mode before using.
Please cut off the power immediately if any accident happen.


Q The skin do not feel exciting when using.
A Please check whether the dedicated gel is enough, the equipment is started, the operator is holding the loop handles and the intensity is strong enough.

Q2 Why every time have different feelings when using the equipment?
A .Feelings are depends on many factors, such as which body part is under treatment, your physical condition, the working hands, the dedicated gel, your adaptability to the treatment. Please adjust the intensity according to the feeling of that moment.

Q3 There are more and more acne.
The process of treatment will stimulate the metabolism of subcutaneous tissue, it will loss of water, the proportion of grease will increase and then result in more and more acne. It will be alleviate if you clean the face and use hydrating lotion after treatment.

Q4 The skin will be aglow, fever, itch after treatment.
Please check if the intensity is over-strong, time is over-long and the dedicated gel is enough or not. Besides, it maybe because of dry or not adaptable. Please adjust the intensity and time, add or change the dedicated gel.

Q5 Is it more strongly I feel more better?
The skin feeling is mainly depends on the output strength and the time the working hand stay on the skin. When the output strength increases, the working hand should stay on the skin in less time. If you feel warm, it is the best effect. The heat will spread from the deep skin in about 30 minutes.

RF,radio frequency
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