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Facial Care Machine

Microdermabrasion Beauty Machine Acne Remove Device

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Pro ABS Aluminum Assembled Stand For Cavitation IPL Laser Salon Beauty Machine


Professional Diamond Microcrystalline Dermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

Acne Treatment

Microdermabrasion Beauty Machine Acne Remove Device

  1. Deeply skin cleaning ,moisturizing
  2. improve rough pores
  3. Anti Aging Device
  4. improving aged cutting
  5. Blackhead removal,acne reduce


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1. Remove the dead skin cells in the epidermis, promote the renewal of skin cells, improve the permeability of pores, and thus reduce the formation of acne.At the same time improve skin color, so that acne scars, acne prints can be quickly eliminated.
2. Toning and rebuilding healthy skin, improving aged cutin, rough and aged skin, fine lines and sagging skin.
3. Improve face skin, improve skin aging, dull inelastic, lighten pigmentation, whitening and fade uneven skin color, make skin tissue rapid regeneration, remove face fine lines and make skin smoothly and soft, remove the black head, make the skin elastic, improve eye grease grain, dark circleof the eye and pouch fine lines, make the eye restore bright, improve lymph circulation and detoxification function.
4. Reduce superficial spots and sunburn, improve rough pores, acne scars and so on, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.
5. No irritation, no pain, no anesthesia, suitable for all kinds of skin, also suitable for sensitive skin, no side effects, safe and reliable.

Operation instructions:

1- Please connect all attachments to the machine first.
1) Unscrew the vacuum connector, making sure there is a large cotton filter in the middle and a large black ring around the connector head.
2) Tighten the connector after inspection.Then attach the PVC hose to the connector.
3) Insert the other end of the PVC hose into the end of the rod.
4) Place a small cotton filter on the end of the wand.(Look, there’s a little black circle around my head.)
5) Nail the drill stone into the bar (the customer can choose the appropriate size of the head, see the schematic diagram after the head cover)
2- Insert the plug into the power socket and turn on the power button.Turn the strength knob to the left (minimum).
3- Place the probe on the surface of the skin (starting from the forehead) and slide slowly.Do not stay in one place for too long, as this can cause damage to the skin.
4- Gently stretch the skin with thumb and finger and slide the hand tablet on the treated area for 2-3 times.Then crosses again in a different direction to prevent the stripe lines in the reference picture.Brush or polish actions can be used in different locations.
5- After treatment, wipe off any remaining dead skin with a soft brush and rinse with a wet sponge or cool wet towel.
6- Let your skin dry and then use the skincare products you need.


Cooperate with skincare products, penetrate into skin surface layer, reaches dermis layer, help supplement natural nutrition, restore cell vitality, promote skin health.The result of treatment is usually a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

Advantages :

Cleans dirty pores through suctioning tubes and increases blood circulation in the skin.Helps give elasticity in the skin and can decrease discoloration from acne and scars.Cleaner and more effective, making the skin cleaner.

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Facial Care Machine

Microdermabrasion Beauty Machine Acne Remove Device


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