Cooling System IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Pigments Removal Acne Remover IPL Salon Machine

  1. Hair Removal

  2. Skin Rejuvenation

  3. Acne Remover

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Cooling System IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Pigments Removal Acne Remover IPL Salon Machine

$2999 $2850

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IPL system

The treatment head which material is even can emit intensive pulse light, directly transferring to the skin effectively, preventing the over-high light power from injuring the skin
The surface of treatment head plated with high counter-membrane, the output light can transfer to skin effectively and evenly
The treating head has semi-conductor cooling system, which is effective to cool on the surface of treatment head during treatment and lower the skin temperature, making sure the skin tissue can not be injured during treatment
RF treatment electrode plates can effectively tighten and improve skin elasticity
Laser operating handle can be replaced to two different filters ,remove all kinds of skin pigmentation


1 Face lifting,wrinkle removal
Regina wrinkle removal system makes use of IPL and RF technology,providing with ideal temperature scatter for deep dermis layer, helpful for the exact treatment for targeted tissue,effective for deep dermis and connective tissue,It will stimulate collagen and make it without affecting the formal skin.It will safely remove wrinkle and improve skin texture

Permanent depilation
Permanent depilation technology removes the hair by light and RF energy, which can function on hair shaft and hair follicle.No matter of the hair color, the system can remove effectively even for white hair

Acne treatment
Old IPL equipment has every few effect on the treatment of acne, the use of combination of IPL and RF technology has achieved every good clinical results
Principle:The use of short wavelength light to kill the propionibacterium acne, and the use of red light,infrared light and radio frequency current combination role in reducing sebaceous gland activity while eliment minating pigmentation,stimulate deep collagen, and thus achieve a good acne treatment effect
Security:the use IPL and RF energy complex energy in different depths of skin tissue,the treatmeivent is not dependent on a single energy ,guaranteed treatment safety

Remove deep spot, epidermis spot, skin whitening, red blood streak
Makes use of IPL technology and IPL+RF technology,there is two treatment theories
IPL technology theory is getting use of hemoglobinand pigment's selective absorption and pyrolysis of light, warming up the target tissue without damage to normal skin tissue to achieve the target tissue necrotized

Use a combination of IPL and RF technology, use skin tissue's selective absorption of light to reduce the impedance of the target and normal skin tissue under low light conditions, strengof skin then the absorption of RF current target tissue,replying on RF to achieve the treatment

Security:In the treatment of skin spotriminate tiny redness and whitening,the use of IPL technology and combination of IPL and RF technology is very safe.but in the treatment of deep spot ts and serious red blood, under the premise of ,simple use the technology of IPL, can only get few effect ,wmanifestehile a combination of IPL and RF technology, clinically manifested has more obvious security

Technical Parameters

Power system
Input pressure: AC 100-120V/ 60Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz(changeable)
Input current:10A
Driver power: 1000W

Cooling system
Closed water cooling system
Assistant wind cooling
Semi-conductor cooling on the treatment head

Spectrum range: 560-1200nm 640nm-1200nm etc.
Energy density: 0-50 j/cm2 will not light below 10 j,0-50w/cm2(RF)
Pulse number :1-6
Pulse width: 1-10ms
Pulse delay:5-100ms
Repeat period:1-4s
Light spot area: 10mmx40mm


Dimension: 44*46*49 cm
Weight: 35kg
Main frame x 1
Handpiece x 1
Power Cord x 1
Water Plugs x 2(???)
Key Switch x 2
Handpiece hanger x 1

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