Professional Facial Steamer Skin Care Nano Ion Spa

  1. Nano Facial Steamer Anti Aging.

  2. Personal Skin Care Beauty Device.

  3. Premium Mini Ionic.


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Professional Facial Steamer Skin Care Nano Ion Spa


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It is a multi-functional integrated high-tech nanometer ion skin care device. It can ionize the water molecule and realize atomization quickly, so as to generate gentle nanometer ion nourishing and moistening fog and lots of negative oxygen for complement water quickly, promote blood circulation, urge regeneration of collagen, activate the hydrophilic factors for keeping the skin moisture, eliminate the wrinkles and make the skin more smooth, white and bright.


Nano ionic facial streamer either can deep cleaning skin and eliminate toxins, also can moisture skin. Easily enjoy Nano Ionic steam beauty treatment at home
1. Anti-aging
2. Lessen old stratum corneum cells
3. Reduce old cutis layer
4. Aids excretion of toxin
5. Improve skin hydration
6. Increases metabolism
7. Balance skin PH level
8. Sterilize skin
9. Revive elasticity

Suitable for all skin types

It is suitable for oily, dry, sensitive, and other assorted skin types. Its modern outlook and compact design edge its overall traditional home steamers. The added ionic function also enhances the results of your home care treatment. Buy it today and start reviving your aging skin.


The normal water content of the skin's epidermis is 10%-20%. If the water content gets lower than 10%, the skin will become dry and wrinkled. Direct spraying of ionized fog can increase the water content of outer cells and make the skin look more moist and elastic.

When the face is exposed to the ionized fog, the epidermal cells of the skin will expand and become softer as the fog penetrates. That makes it easier to clean aging skin and makes the skin more air permeable and able to absorb skincare products.

Plenty of ionized fog makes the pores open. Nano-sized drops of the fog can penetrate into the skin easily, to loosen and clean the dirt, old skin deposits, and excessive oil deep in pores and deeper skin layers. Then the skin can breathe freely.

The Platinum Nano Ion Facial Steamer makes nano (extremely small, at less than 100 nm) ionized steam droplets, so that moisturizing steam can deeply penetrate the outer layers of your skin. Ordinary steamers produce droplets of about 8000 nm diameter, giving less skin penetration.
•Steam formation begins almost immediately while maintaining overheating protection.
•Steamer produces negative ions, so the steam cleans better than ordinary steam.
•Cleansing steam opens skin pores and softens aged cutin, for better removal of dirt and dead skin cells, resulting in an improved skin tone.


power requirement: 220V/50Hz
or 110V/60Hz
Power consumption:290W
Steam temperature: 40 degrees ( at 20cm from the nozzle)
Steaming duration: 10 minutes, depending on the water level

Basic Directions

•Ensuring Overflow Water Tray is in place, remove Tank Cover and unscrew the Tank Cap.
•Fill the supplied measuring cup up to the 70 ml mark with pure or distilled water, and pour into the Tank's opening.
•Replace the Tank Cap and Tank Cover.
•Plug in the steamer and press the power switch to begin heating. The Indicator Light will illuminate and steaming will begin in approximately 20 seconds.
•Keeping a comfortable distance from the steam, direct nozzle to steam the face and neck evenly for approximately 5 minutes.

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