Professional Electric Acupuncture Stimulator Machine Body Massage Relax

  1. Assists the detection of acupoint

  2. Use for electric impulse acupuncture treatment.

  3. Music prompt function of the electrotherapy.

  4. Multi-pulse wave frequency LCD

  5. Auto-timing Switch

  6. Operating output protection device


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HC-KWD8081 Multipurpose health device is a new product which has been incorporated merits of kind both at home and abroad. This device brings anew image to traditional acupuncture, the concept of no puncture, no needle with guaranteed therapeutic results. KWD808-I electronic acupuncture treatment Multipurpose health device with 6 channels can be used as a substitute for acupuncture and hand massage. The KWD808-I Acupuncture Stimulator is a professional level acupuncture apparatus designed for detection of acupuncture points, massage (TENS), and for applying acupuncture (electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy. Just like its sister model, the KWD808-II, the KW080-I features a built-in timer and can output 5 different kinds of waveforms, each indicated by a symbol which lights up when selected. The specific design tailored chiefly for clinics and hospitals.


-Output Pulse Road: 6 Channels outputs
-Input Power: <20VA+15%; the fuse is slow fusing 0.5A
-Output Pulse frequency:1.2Hz~55Hz, the error range of±30% continuous adjustable.
-Output Pulse width: 0.6±0.15ms
-Suitable Range of Voltage of Power Supply: AC 110~240V, 50Hz; DC 9V+5%, 9V-10%.
-Range of Atmosphere Pressure: 500hpa to 1060 hpa.
-Size: 21.7cmx16.7cmx7.5cm
-Weight: 1390g


-Adjustable frequency and intensity.
-Adjustable sensitivity probe point Locator.
-6 outputs, plus 1 detection outlet.
-The device is very safe and efficient in treatment because of its output pulse. Waves featuring low voltage, low frequency and having the same frequency range as the body.
-There are 5 types of pulse waves to be selected: Continuous wave, Dense-disperse wave, Intermittent wave, Ripple wave, Respiration wave.
-With the characteristics of low-pressure,low-frequency,bi-directional, Operating output protection device,particularly safe treatment.

Main Functions:

-Assists the detection of acupoints.
-Use for electric impulse acupuncture treatment.
-Music prompt function of the electrotherapy.
-Multi-pulse wave frequency LCD
-Auto-timing Switch
-Operating output protection device

Package included:

1xKWD808-I Multipurpose health device
1x Acupoint Detecting Pen
5x Output Electrode Wires
1x Inserting Output Electrode Wires
10x Small Electrode sticker
2x Big Electrode sticker
1x Fixed tape
1x English Instruction manual
1x Acupoint figure
1x AC adaptor (100V-240V)

Stimulator Massage

Stimulator Massage

Stimulator Massage

Stimulator Massage

Stimulator Massage

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