Professional Skin Care Anti Aging Dermabrasion Machine

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Professional Skin Care Anti Aging Dermabrasion Machine


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1.Increased density and exquisite workmanship.
2.Hydroge Oxygen conversion rate reaches 80%
3.9 Pole RF,has more RF crossover points, enhances the RF effect and expands the active area.
4.High-tech treatment techniques, the operation is more accurate, simple, water and oxygen can be fully integrated
5.Water, oxygen pressure regulating different parts of the treatment, the skin of different ages
6.Repetitive stimulation of oxygen and water to avoid skin edema
7.Super-cooling device, more stable performance, higher safety factory

Application :

1) Hydrodermabrasion:Installed heating function, breaking through the traditional small bubble instrument Technical level, open pores,soften keratin,make muscles cleans the skin deeper, improves skin's dullness,blackheads,leaves skin clean.
2) Polymer water oxygen: Combined with nutrients, it is finely atomized. The cells supplement the nutrition.
3) Nano meso handle: Designed with a peristaltic pump, the liquid does not touch the bump body, Bottle-mounted products are more convenient, and the nutrients are the rice form penetrates into the basal layer of the skin to improve skin absorption the problem is to make the skin shiny, moist and white.
4)Plasma bipolar RF: Plasma technology combined with ozone technology.Shu Sensitive, clearing acne, clearing and sterilizing, removing mites, improve pores and repair acne pits.
5)Biopolar RF : Use 2Mhz and 4Mhz variable RF to enhance the eye and change good eye fine lines, eye swelling, restore eyesight.
6)Cold hammer:Shrink pores, calm, eliminate redness and sensitivity.


1. Hydro-dermabrasion,applicable to regular or sensitive skin,Or skin with whelk,comedo,acne,etc.
2. Cleaning&washing:deep cleaning,clear skin statum rheum,minimally invasive scar,and clearing blackhead,remove deep skin dirt
3. Effective and direct moistening:supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning
4. Used the skin care products to achieve a large variety of treatment aims like wrinkle/pigmentation removal,skin lightening and whitening
5. Plasma acne effectively accelerates healing, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, while RF effectively accelerates product absorption and desalination


Voltage: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Power : <60W
Screen: 8 inch LCD Touch Screen

Plasma Concentration: 3 x 106 pcs/cm3
Hydro Dermabrasion Handle: 90kpa Pressure
Flow capacity:30L
Temperature of Hydrodermabrasion: 35-45℃ adjustable
Temperature Scope of Cold Hammer: 1-5℃
RF: 1 Mhz 2 Mhz
Scrubber Frequency: 27 Khz
Packing Size: 55*31*42 cm
Gross Weight: 12 kg

Packing List

1x Polymer Water Oxygen
1x Cold Hammer
1x Water Grinding Pen
1x Plasma Bipolar RF
1x Biopolar RF
1x Microcurren Import


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