30*27cm Anti-freeze Membrane For Frozen Cold Freezing Slimming Machine

  1. Best quality, 100% Guarantee Anti-freezing membranes.

  2. For slimming treatment (disposable)

  3. Antifreeze protect skin from cooling

  4. Antifreeze membrane (Size M: 27 × 30cm)

  5. 20 PCS


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This membrane suit the Cold Slimming machine, it can protect the skin from frostbite.
Using the Antifreeze membrane before do slimming treatment, skin rejuvenation, Antifreeze membrane is used for protection the skin during the cryotherapy.
The use of triglyceride in fat to convert into a solid at a specific low temperature, targeting and eliminating fat cells.After the fat cells are frozen.It will begin to decompose and clear the process so that the fat is gradually thinned, thereby achieving the purpose of local lipolysis.


The material composition is fiber, temperature inhibitors, essence, solubilizer, water, cellulose hydroxyl and polyethylene glycol.


The antifreeze membranes can protect skin from cold injury under the temperature from - 25°C to 15°C.
Best quality, 100% Guarantee Anti-freezing membranes.
For slimming treatment (disposable).
Unique recipe antifreeze, Skin rejuvenation.
Antifreeze protect skin from cooling.
Antifreeze used below 25°C to 15°C temperature.
Major component: Anti-freezing fluid, and other additives.

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