Vacuum R-F Ultrasonic Cavitation 5 IN 1 Radio Frequency Weight Loss machine

  1. Body Shape, Cellulite Treatment

  2. Belly Kangoroo Patch Remove

  3. Reduce the Love Handle Belly Fat

  4. Tighten Skin On The Underarms and Legs

  5. Three pole Smart 3D RF Radio frequency for face rf wrinkle


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Vacuum R-F Ultrasonic Cavitation 5 IN 1 Radio Frequency Weight Loss machine


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myChway ultrasound cavitation RF vacuum cellulite treatment utilizes the low-frequency ultrasound waves to help break up the belly kangoroo patch fat deposit into triglyceside in your body to contoure and sculpture your body!

What Is This Machine Used For?

This myChway ultrasound cavitation machine provides your body with easy liposuction to help keep the surrounding areas firm and reduce any traces of body and body fat cells.
It helps reduce the cost of your surgery to get rid of fat, which can be expensive.

How Does This Machine Work?

This ultrasonic cavitation machine helps keep skin firm and youthful.
Basically, it's a way to give your body liposuction in your own home.
It uses ultrasound wave, rf radio frequency, and photon therapy to help with this task, quickly removing fat from parts of the body that it wants to disappear.
In a word, this machine adopts 40KHz cavitation, vacuum + Bipolar RF, Sextupolar RF for Lymphatic Detox after cavitation treatment, Tripolar RF Facial wrinkle elimination, tightening and lifting, and red light photon therapy.


- Firm your arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, and abdominal muscles to shape your body.
- Improvement and treatment of the same degree of severity as orange peel of different adipose tissue.
- Firm, lift and tighten the skin to shape the face.
- Circulates and activates cells, boosting metabolism, thus obtaining more 100 percent collagen and elastin to improve facial and body skin.


Power supply Input:100V-240V
Power :<=190W

Uoisetion 40K cavitation Head:

Sextupolar Vacuum 3D Smart RF for body w/Photon
Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Air flow: >10L/minute
Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Quadrupole 3D Smart RF w/Photon for face

3D Smart three pole RF w/Photon for eye area

Dimensions :310 x 290 x 430(mm)
Net Weight :3.10kgs
Gross Weight: 6.15kgs
Input Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Package Listing

1 x Host
1 x Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Probe
1 x Bipolar 3D SMART RF with Vacuum for body
1 x Three pole 3D SMART RF Probe with Photon
1 x Quadrupole 3D SMART RF Probe with Photon for Face
1 x Sextupole 3D SMART RF Probe with Vacuum &Photon
1 x Power Supply Cord ( Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) version are available. Also we stock the USA, UK, AU, EU plug to suit for the country all over the world.)

Radio Frequency Slimming Machine

Weight Loss Skin Tightening

Three pole 3D SMART RF Probe

Sextupole 3D SMART RF Probe
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