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xxl bbl cups

BBL Buttocks Vacuum Cups Size XXL 230ML Butt Lifting

S shape machine Vertical

Vertical S Shape Machine 30K Cavitation Slimming Machine Spa Use


Buttocks Vacuum Cups 210ml for Vacuum Therapy Machine

Butt vacuum therapy

BBL Buttocks Vacuum Cups Size XXL 230ML Butt Lifting

  1. Biggest size 230ML 25.5cm
  2. Vacuum cupping machine accessories
  3. Vacuum cups are reusable
  4. Easy to maintain, and clean


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Huge Size XXL Buttocks Cups Set for Vacuum therapy

Get a Firm, Toned and Perfect Buttocks!

Diameter 10 inch (25.5 cms)

For use with vacuum-therapy machines.

Product Features

1.Vacuum cup body sculpting is very effective for women of all ages.
2.The buttocks cup suction cup suitable for vacuum massage machine,it is suitable for our vacuum cupping machine
3.Extra large buttocks vacuum suction cup, large buttocks lifting cup


1.Note that we only sell vacuum massage cups and do not include any other instruments
2.Please allow a slight error in the product size
3.The color of the product may be slightly different from the color of the picture, please be careful when taking pictures
4.Thank you for your understanding

Packing List:

2 × Vacuum cup

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 19 cm
xxl bbl cups

BBL Buttocks Vacuum Cups Size XXL 230ML Butt Lifting


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