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Portable 808nm Laser Machine Hair Removal Home Use

Face Lifting Device

Ice Compress Instrument Skin Lifting Facial Care Home Use Device


Lipolaser Slim Vacuum RF Lipolaser Cavitation Machine 6 in 1

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Portable 808nm Laser Machine Hair Removal Home Use


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What is 808nm diode laser?

The Diode 808 Laser is the gold standard in Permanent Hair Removal and is suitable on all pigmented hair and skin types—including tanned skin. Treatments are most effective on medium to dark hair on any skin type.
The 808nm laser hair removal system uses a long pulse width laser to penetrate the epidermis to the hair follicle. The energy of the laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair, which makes the hair lose its ability to regenerate. The unique sapphire dynamic cooling technology in the system makes the skin cool in a short time. So as to ensure that the epidermis is not burned, to achieve a painless, fast hair removal effect.

How often should you do diode laser?

At the beginning of the treatment course, treatments should be repeated every 28/30 days. Towards the end, and depending on individual results, sessions can be carried out every 60 days.

Why is a diode laser so popular?

However, diode lasers are not only a winning option because of their high output powers: they also popular because of their high energy efficiency. With a socket output efficiency of about 50 percent, they achieve the best efficiency of any laser type available at present.

Technical parameters

1.Operating Temperature: 15~35℃
2.Working Frequency : 0.6-4 HZ
3.Operating Voltage :220V
4.Working Current :1.8A
5.Machine Power :250V

Package list

1.Main unit *1
2.Handle *1
3.Water Funnel *1
4.Power wire*1
6.Safety Goggles*1



Portable 808nm Laser Machine Hair Removal Home Use


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