40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Negative Face Lifting Machine

  1. 40K Cavitation Ultrasound Body Slimming Sextupolar R-F Body Shape Cellulite TreatmentTripolar R-F Radio Frequency Face LiftingVacuum Negative Radio Frequency Massage Therapy.


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40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Negative Face Lifting Machine


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Cellulite is one of medicinal social problems in the developed countries.
Obesity, a stumbling block in the way of beauty pursuing, and as a devil that cause thousands of women to fear of spending summer. Taking exercise is easy to reduce weight while its rebound is also very quick; liposuction, a way to shaping waist, while skin is easy to slack. without care; on diet harms our health Usually, obesity is caused by too much food and too little exercise, or some disease.
When the calorie is too much, it will be converted into fat and storaged under subcutis or around bowels, the result including thick fat level, heart encased by fat or fatty liver. As to the modern people, obesity is becoming a chronic disease, and it can also generate various side effects.


The obesity means a certain extent overweight and fatness layer overdepth, it is fatness in the body, especial is caused by the triglyceride accumulation too much. The obesity can be devided into two, Single Obesity and Secondary Obesity. Normall we see the former. Single Obesity occupies 99% in the obesity, we cannot find what causes the single obesity. In medicine, it is alos named Primary Obesity. It maybe relevant to Descendiblity, foods, sporting habits. So called S Secondary Obesity, that is caused by some healthy problems, that is to say, we can source the reasons of Secondary Obesity. It occupies 1% in the obesity, can be classified into Hypothalamus Obesity, Pituitary Obesity, Hypothyroidism Obesity, Cushin Syndrome Obesity, Gonad Functonal Retardation Obesity etc, separately caused by the thalamencephalon, pituitary, hypothyroid and gonad diseases. Among them. Mostly Cushing Syndrome Obesity, Hypothyroidism Obesity happen to the adults, Hypothalamus Obesity always to the children, which is caused by the craniopharyngioma.


1.It uses a 40kHz focused ultrasound cavitation effect, to cause tons of microscopic air bubbles to surround the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes and with its resonant frequency, the bubbles cause a high enough pressure to cause the fat cells to break up instantly.
The broken lipocytes are then moved to the liver and safely metabolized out of human body which is assisted by drinking a lot of water.
It produces lipolysis of fatty acids from adipocytes (fat-laden cells) due to a phenomenon known as stable cavitation, and increased cell permeability of the adipocytes. You get an increased flow of triglycerides. Furthermore, there is a breakdown of the fibers through mechanical action (jet stream). Finally, some content of adipocytes is metabolized by the liver and eliminated in the urine.

2.Tripolar RF handpiece, adopts advanced output mode which could treat the tissue more accurately,enhance blood circulation, generate more
collagen, at the same time protect the epidermis with cooling, heat up the dermal layer but keep the epidermis at normal temperature.
The dermal layer could be heat up to 45-60, to generate more collagen, increase the thickness, giving wrinkle removal, skin tightening and
lifting results.

3. Vacuum Negative RF handle combined 1MHz RF with vacuum roller treatment , gives more accurate & positioning treatment and heat up to fat tissue,accelerate blood circulation,collagen production.At the same time,the handpiece gives cooling to protect epidermis.Finally, more collagen is
produced, wrinkle disappears, skin becomes tight and firm. High power vacuum gives massage to fat tissue in different depth, to dissolve fat
tissue, educe cellulite, smooth the lymph gland. Fat cell is dissolved into fatty acid and toxin which will be ejected out of the body by lymphatic
system, to give instant slimming result . This handpiece is designed for deep fat dissolving , fat melting , detoxifying, skin tightening and body

4 Cold Therapy handle can selectively damage subcutaneous fat while the skin remains intact. Based on this premise, namely fat cells are more easily damaged by cooling than skin cells, cryo was developed appling cooling to tissue via thermal conduction in a controlled fashion, selecting temperature level ,and exposure to avoid skin damage or frostbite resulting only to damage to the underlying fat cells.


1. Replace and exceed the OPS liposuction;
2. Tighten the slack skin.
3. Enhance the speed of the body metabolism,speed up discharging of waste and moisture from the body.
4. Repair pregnancy wrinkle;
5. Relax muscles, ease muscle pain;
6. Partial or the whole body weight slimming
7. Effectively improve the buttocks and the legs orange skin, effective solve the problem of abdomen skin slack after liposuction etc.

Market Advantages:
1. Absorbing new guest, improving the beauty salon visibility.
2. Improve beauty parlour levels, expand profit space.
3. Strengthen product efficacy, the promotion product price, promote consumer spending.
4. To open a new course, add new project.
5. But with any product cycles for nursing is tie-in, synergistic, enhance self-confidence, thus active pin beautician
6. Importing foreign latest vacuum negative pressure, mechanical scroll and skin folding technology leading counterparts.


40KHz Cavitation handle 1pc
Sextupolar RF Head for body 1pc
Tripolar RF Head for face 1pc
Vacuum Negative RF handle 1pc
Power Cord 1pc


Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz
RF Freqency :0.5-10KHz
Vaccum Pressure:0-50Kpa
Voltage :110v-120v/60Hz
G .W:26KG

cavitation 40k radio frequency machine body slimming cellulite reduction Tripolar handle Fat burning slim machine Vacuum RF Negative Multipolar machine
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