Customized service, Wholesale & Drop-Shipping Opportunities

Founded in 2009, MYCHWAY has a wealth of industry experience and is a leading beauty equipment manufacturer, based on providing high-quality, effective, safe and economical beauty systems. We have been committed to creating the best beauty products for consumers and business owners.

For many years, we have been looking for the perfect way to make your beauty equipment safer and more comfortable. We have a passionate, fun, design-driven R&D team that keeps abreast of the latest research and innovations in laser technology and uses advanced technology. Customers accumulated over the years can help us obtain clinically proven technologies and methods to develop advanced beauty equipment.

Huge US Inventory

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Customized Service

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Unmatched Industry Experience

We will deliver the products you need in a short time or on a regular basis; our professionalism is widely known, respected and trusted throughout the industry, as is our personalized service. We strive to develop innovative and progressive technologies in order to provide our customers with smart and direct solutions. What you think is important is what we care about. Apply now to become a MYCHWAY distributor and benefit from our large inventory, high production volume, huge product availability, excellent wholesale profits, and a minimum monthly limit that is insignificant for qualified distributors.


CaVstorm 40K Cavitation 3.0 RF Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

Potential Profit 450$


CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum RF Skin Tightening Microcurrent Slimming Machine

Potential Profit 575$

5 In1 40k Cavitation RF Vacuum Fat Burning Radio Frequency Body Sculpting Machine

Potential Profit 51.25$

3in1 Ultrasonic 40K Cavitation Weight Loss RF Radio Frequency Device

Potential Profit 22.25$

Save Bucks With Wholesale

1. Free of initial fee.

2. A wide variety of products.

3. Up To 3%-20% Discount.

4. Free Shipping In Large Quantities Or FOB Terms.

5. The Value Of The Customs Declaration Is Appropriate To Avoid Tariffs To The Greatest Extent.

6. A variety of payment methods to choose, save your handling fees.

7. Neutral packaging allows you to resell without any other packaging costs.

8. Make multiple discounts according to the product and discount rate to save your money.

How to become a certified wholesale customer of MYCHWAY.COM

First, make sure your real information, and then here are 2 ways:

1. Register and click here, then the relevant personnel will complete your application

2. Contact us:, please tell us what you need and the destination country. We would appreciate it if you could attach your 

business card or introduce yourself via email.


Drop shipping means that you sell products to your customers, and you actually have no inventory. Dropshipping makes it very easy to start selling online. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, but you can still provide thousands of products to your customers. With limited resources, you don’t have to do too much work and you can free up time to focus on marketing plans, customer service, and operations. The company’s name or logo will not be attached to the packaging or anywhere else.

Brand New Ultrasonic 40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming Skin Lifting Cellulite Removal Beauty Machine

Potential Profit 49.75$

60K Cavitation2.5 Ultrasound Ultrasonic Weight Loss Body Slimming Beauty Machine

Potential Profit 27.25$

Lipolaser Slim Vacuum RF Lipolaser Cavitation Machine 6 In 1

Potential Profit 112.25$

Mychway 40K Ultrasonic Unoisetion Cavitation RF Vacuum Photon Microcurrent Slimming Machine

Potential Profit 114$

Drop shipping cancellation policy

1. Cancel the order before delivery, we will be eligible for a full refund.

2. For OEM products, once the email and payment are confirmed, the order cannot be cancelled.

3. Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

Customized Service

Customization has no inventory, so it can avoid higher risks. Customization can be constructed, installed or changed according to personal preferences, which is the beauty model you want. The customized beauty machine is unique, different from other beauty machines, and is also the most suitable beauty machine for you.

What can be customized for the beauty machine?

ID design

Customize the appearance as you wanna

MD design

Interested in designing the interior and parts of the machine


You can decide the functions you need, such as the handpiece, screen, holder etc.


DIY the package with your logo or your special idea

What can be customized for the beauty machine?

1. Select Case and Handles

According to your needs, you can choose our company's existing chassis and handle to assemble a new beauty instrument.

2. Or you design the case yourself

You can also design the chassis shape you want according to your own preferences and send it to our mailbox Sales@Mychway.Com

3. Packaging

Send your logo and special packaging ideas to our mailbox Sales@Mychway.Com

What do I need to become a MYCHWAY partners?

In order to maintain a strong channel partner network composed of loyal, qualified, experienced and service-oriented distributors and distributors, MYCHWAY has implemented a set of distributor requirements for all distributor applicants. These requirements include, but are not limited to: minimum opening orders, continuous monthly number of accounts/purchases, industry and product experience, commercial and resale licenses, full-featured websites that display products, services and support, commercial and marketing plans (only (Only for MYCHWAY corporate distributor applicants), strictly abide by all manufacturer policies and the MYCHWAY distributor agreement.

Have questions about our distribution plan?


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I apply to become a MYCHWAY dealer what are the chances I get approved?

    We have always been happy to expand our dealer network, but MYCHWAY is very selective in accepting new sales channel partners. We recommend that you make sure to provide as much information as possible to meet and meet our requirements.

    We accept dealer applications from physical dealers and online dealers. We prefer our dealers to have a physical store. Although this is not required, having a physical store will greatly increase your chances of getting approval.

    Applicants who have a physical store are required to provide pictures of the inside and outside of the store.

    Resellers who sell or intend to sell only online will need to provide us with all the domains in which you will promote the product.

    Only online dealers need to have a fully functional online shop that can complete orders online through a secure payment gateway.

    All dealers must have a business license and/or retail license, or an equivalent license.

    Do you offer drop-shipping of MYCHWAY products?

    Yes, we provide delivery service. Drop shipping allows dealers or distributors to simply sell products and support customers without the need to maintain warehouses and inventories.

    Where do you ship from?

    Users in the United States can receive shipments from our partners throughout the United States. In other regions, most products are shipped from the Shenzhen company headquarters and warehouse.

    Is there a minimum purchase amount that I must maintain?

    Yes, in order to maintain a strong, loyal and service-oriented partner network, we have set a minimum monthly purchase requirement. Accounts that do not meet our minimum requirements are at risk of being terminated.