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Pain Relief Shockwave Therapy Machine ED Treatment Massage

  1. Cellular: Increase in cell membrane transmittance by improving ionic channels activity, stimulation of cell division, stimulation of cellular cytokines production.
  2. Reproduction of vessels in the area of tendons and muscles: Improvement of blood circulation, increase in the concentration of growth factor beta1, chemotactic, and mitogenic effect on osteoblasts.
  3. Effect on nitrogen oxide system: Bone healing and remodeling. >Improvement of microcirculation and metabolism. Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts.
  4. supports the production of collagen.
  5. Reduction in tissue tension Analgesic effect.
$899.00 $648

Emsculpting Machines


Professional Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Focused Electromagnetic Contour Machine

  • Weight lose
  • Strengthens the core muscles
  • Musle Building
  • Bady shaping
  • Super LED screen LOGO design