How to Apply High-Frequency into Your Skin Care Routine?

Aug 04,2023

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Finding a great way to improve your looks is always crucial, and there are many different ways to achieve that. You can apply high frequency into your skin care routine, and it might work exceptionally well. It is the type of therapy that will help eliminate acne-related bacteria and improve circulation.

On top of that, with help from high-frequency therapy, you can quickly improve your skincare routine and take it to the next level. There are also many high-frequency skincare benefits that you need to check out, and it's worth checking them immediately.

Benefits of High-Frequency

The idea to incorporate high-frequency into your skincare routine is perfect for various reasons. Right off the bat, high frequency skincare treatments will help remove all the unwanted bacteria that lead to acne. On top of that, it can also minimize redness and inflammation while restoring your skin naturally. It goes even further by increasing your circulation; yes, it also helps oxygenate your skin.

Another thing that high frequency skin care treatments do is they can help you enhance collagen production. Many people have a very low collagen production level, and that's why you want to address that the best way you can. You can do that and so much more with the benefits of high frequency. It should be something you add to your routine, and it's well worth it for any daily skincare approach.

The high-frequency treatment will increase the production levels of collagen and elastin and shrink those large pores. It gives more control over pore size and removes downsides. Plus, this can help lower the acne and ensure that you will have way less breakouts in the future. If you want to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and ensure your skin is rejuvenated and fully restored, this is the right way to do it. All you have to do is to avail the opportunity and use such treatment.

Step-by-step Process to Apply High Frequency into Your Skin Care Routine

Learning how to use HF in skin care routine is a great idea, and it's all about using the proper steps. Thankfully, this entire process is highly convenient and can offer you exceptional results. Here you have a list with the ideas and tips you want to follow.

Step 1: Cleanse & Prepare Your Skin

Before you include high frequency wand in daily skin care routines, it's crucial to cleanse and prepare your skin. Doing that is not very hard since you will find the process incredibly convenient and comprehensive. Adequate cleansing means you remove the debris and any other problems while ensuring that everything is ready to use. A clean surface is much easier to work on, and it will also help prevent a variety of issues. If you wash your face and apply the toner, you will be more than ok.

Step 2: Prepare the High-Frequency Device

Before you access the high frequency skin care device benefits, you do need to prepare your unit. You need to turn the knob and wait a little until you see that the machine is turning orange and it heats up. That's when you know that it will be good to go. Another way you know the high frequency skin care wand is ready is when it buzzes a little bit. However, it shouldn't zap, which might make the application of high frequency dangerous.

Step 3: Apply a Conductive Gel

Any skin treatment that uses such a wand needs a conductive gel. That's why before you deal with the fine lines and wrinkles or broken capillaries, you must apply a conductive gel. Avoid adding too much gel, but you want to have enough so the high frequency electrode can do its job. After all, you don't want the high frequency treatment not to work, so keep that in mind.

Step 4: Begin the High-Frequency Treatment

For a simple facial, you may want to use the glass attachment. It would help if you glide that electrode over the face and ensure you use a circular motion. The idea here is to maintain excellent contact and avoid pulling it more than a quarter of an inch. When it comes to the directions, you can start from the forehead, and then you can move to the cheeks, chin, and nose. If you want, you can go over the same area more than once if you feel that it needs any assistance and support from your side.

Step 5: Focus on Problematic Areas

The truth is that such a high frequency treatment will require repetition and going over problematic areas multiple times. Unlike a skin care product, the high frequency machine comes with its attachments. These are great because they can help zap the area more than once, making the process better and more cohesive.

If you want to address hair growth, you can rely on a pronged attachment. You can go through the brushed hair multiple times. So you can treat existing acne and prevent the onset of new acne, but at the same time, you're also quickly healing and restoring your skin.

Step 6: Complete the Treatment

You can go through the same region multiple times and ensure that everything is fine. Insisting too much can be a problem, and that's why you want to tackle this the best way you can. It will take some trial and error, and you will be pleased with the benefits. The therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation used by high-frequency treatments helps a lot, and it certainly conveys a stellar sense of quality.

Step 7: Frequency of Treatment

Since the high frequency treatment comes with enhanced molecules and other great things, it's highly efficient, but you don't want to overdo it more than it might be necessary. According to studies, around 3 to 6 times should be more than ok, so you should consider giving it a try for yourself. You can space these every week, and sometimes you may have to do them monthly.

Targeted High-Frequency Skin Care Techniques

Acne Treatment

One of the main reasons behind the application of high frequency has to be acne. A high frequency skin care device is very good at treating common acne and can also help you avoid any possible breakouts. The advantage is that not only are you removing any microbes, but you also get to keep them away in the long run.

A good idea is to adjust the device intensity according to how prevalent and problematic the acne is. For the most part, you will find that treating acne is not going to be hard if you use the high frequency skin care machine. During this treatment, vessels push away toxins while the cells thrive and stay healthy. What's great is it works with any skin type. Try to target areas with visible acne issues, as that will give you better results.

Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation

The high frequency treatment is proven to skin rejuvenation quickly healing and restoring your skin. But it also helps with aging signs. If you have wrinkles and fine lines, the high frequency treatment is ideal. It will penetrate deeper into the skin when compared to other treatments. On top of that, you boost the production levels of collagen and elastin. Even if it might not seem like a lot at first, having a higher elastin and collagen level is highly important.

For starters, you will have more youthful skin, and you will have a better look as well. Ideally, you want to target wrinkles and fine lines with the high frequency machine. Then all you have to do is to try and go over that area multiple times. Avoid overdoing it to ensure that you won't cause a lot of damage. But going up to 5 times over that area might come in handy.

High Frequency Skin Care for Different Skin Types

What happens if you want to use high frequency treatment and don't have normal skin? You will notice that high frequency treatments are great for dry and oily skin types too. If you have congested skin types or even combination skin types, this treatment can be ideal and will help you save a lot of time. It gives an increase in blood circulation too!

Sometimes the high-frequency practitioner might tell you to use a particular type of device. But for the most part, a regular high frequency skin care machine will do all you need and so much more. We believe this is an exceptional tool because it delivers a great result and has excellent quality throughout the entire process.

Precautions and Considerations

There are a few things to consider when you use a high frequency skin care wand. Of course, you always want to read the instructions and ensure that you learn how to assemble the unit, set it all up correctly, and not damage it in any way. It will take a bit to understand how to use the device, but once you do that, you will find it much easier to adapt it to your requirements. It does bring enriched oxygen molecules, which is a significant plus.

A good rule of thumb is to always start on the lowest settings and then slowly go up as needed. You also want to avoid contact with the eyes if you can, as it can lead to irritation. We recommend not to use the high-frequency device on blemishes or mold, as it can lead to sensitivity problems. Plus, if you keep the wand moving, that will give you the best results.

Talk with a skincare expert before this procedure to ask for guidance. It's also recommended to stay away from this procedure if you are pregnant or have any metal implants.


A good, high frequency skin care machine is an exceptional investment if you have acne or skin problems. It helps clear skin issues, while improving your skin's look. Plus, it's a very efficient way to prevent any skin problems in the future!


How do high frequency wands work?

A want will generate a current that helps cleanse the pores naturally. As it does that, you treat existing acne and prevents the onset of new acne. You will have to glide the wand across for excellent results.

How often can you use high frequency on my face?

Ideally, you don't want to go with the high frequency wand over any area more than 5 times. So try to limit the number of uses, even if you're going to target a specific area. You will use this regularly, which will help quickly healing and restoring your skin.

How to use high frequency machine for wrinkles?

You will need to use the high frequency wand around the wrinkles, but not directly on them. Using it on wrinkles can lead to a lot of discomfort and sometimes even pain.

Can High frequency wand be applied for Puffy eyes?

Yes, if you have puffy eyes, high frequency wands can help. You will need to start with a lower frequency and then slowly increase it as you feel the results. Avoiding high frequencies around sensitive areas like your eyes is a great idea.

What should I put on my face before high frequency?

Sometimes high frequency wands will require you to use a conductive gel. While this is not always mandatory, it can be a great option to protect your skin and ensure it looks incredible.

What should I put on my face after high frequency?

A good idea is to add sun block and moisturizer for up to 2 days after the treatment. That way, you can protect your skin and nourish it!