12 Long Term Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care Products

Jun 26,2023

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Did you ever doubt natural skincare products? What is your first choice for skincare, natural products or chemical ones? Beauty skin care products containing natural, organic, or clean ingredients bring a slew of benefits.

Here we will explore the many benefits of using organic skin care cosmetics, how to select the right ones for your skin, and what natural products you need to add to your routine to optimize the results.

What are Natural Skin Care Products?

Natural Skin Care Products

The term "natural" labeled in skincare products is not regulated by an authority like the FDA. And there is no universal standard to define it.

Typically, natural skin care refers to personal care products primarily or exclusively made of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and other naturally occurring sources. As such, these products are often marketed as free from synthetic or chemical elements.

What Differs Natural Skincare Products From Conventional Ones?

The differences lie in the following aspects:  

First, traditional skin care cosmetics contain artificial or chemical components, such as preservatives, fragrances, and petroleum-based compounds.

Second, conventional skincare products may involve environmental impact. That's because how we extract, process, and manufacture the ingredients may result in damage to the environment we live in. Natural skincare products, however, prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Third, eco-friendly skin care products are free from potentially harmful chemicals and suitable for most skin types and concerns. In contrast, conventional cosmetics may contain substances that irritate, harm or cause other adverse reactions to the skin.

Natural skin care products are considered a better choice for our daily skincare routine. Since their ingredients are more natural, organic, and clean, they are believed to provide countless benefits for the skin.

Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?

The benefits of natural skincare can be classified into two aspects: for the skin and for the environment.

Benefits for Skin Health and Wellness

  • Nourishing and gentle ingredients for skin 

As discussed, the components of natural cosmetics are derived from nature's blessings, such as herbs, plant roots, flowers, essential oils, minerals, etc. And they do not contain irritative chemicals like parabens and sulfates. That, on one hand, ensures the ingredients are "nutritious," providing essential nutrients for the skin. And on the other hand, its pro-nature elements guarantee a gentle skincare experience.

  • Reduced risk of irritation and allergies

Natural skincare products often contain milder substances, which trigger skin irritation, redness, or allergic reactions less. That makes them skin-friendly, especially when you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Therefore, the chance of irritation and allergies will be lowered, for they use no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or artificial additives.

  • Promotion of healthier skin barrier function

The skin barrier is vital to our skin health. It's a guard that prevents bacteria, dirt, toxins, and other pollutants from entering the skin. Thus, we need to maintain the function of the protective skin barrier. And that's where skincare products containing mild and natural components can intervene to restore and enhance the skin barrier.

Environmental and Sustainability Benefits

  • Use of eco-friendly ingredients and packaging 

As they are more natural and healthier, they use ingredients from nature in a sustainable way. And when packing these products, skincare products owners prefer recyclable or biodegradable materials. Doing this can help us properly dispose of package garbage.

  •  Minimization of water pollution and ecosystem harm

Traditional cosmetics contain chemicals that are poisonous to some extent. When they are discharged into water, they may, first and foremost, pollute the water we drink. Further, ecosystems like the marine ecosystem may be damaged, killing coral reefs and forcing numerous species to leave their habitats. Replacing conventional skincare products with natural ones can dramatically reduce the possibilities.

  • Support for cruelty-free and ethical practices

Over the years, conventional cosmetics have been the subject of criticism due to testing on animals. That earns it an inhumane "reputation." Turning to eco-friendly skincare products can turn things around. Natural ingredients it is, it reduces animal testing and does good for wildlife.

The above has explained two main reasons to use natural skin care products. If it is not convincing enough, the following will shed more light on the advantages of natural skin care products.

12 Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care Products

Undoubtedly, the benefits of natural beauty products are countless. Below we will discuss 12 long-term benefits that natural skin care ingredients can offer.

Improved complexion and even skin tone

Hormonal changes, sun damage, and aging may cause skin discoloration. And dead skin cells, dehydration, and stress, among others, are the main factors for dull skin.

Skincare products include antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, green tea extracts, and carotenoids can help prevent premature aging and reduce inflammation, bringing in a healthier complexion.

Exfoliating agents like fruit enzymes in natural skincare cosmetics are perfect for removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, revealing a fresher and smoother skin.

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

One of the causes of wrinkles and fine lines is collagen and elastin loss. The skin loses its structure without the two proteins, resulting in loose and inelastic skin. Ingredients like ginseng and aloe vera can stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Slowed skin cell turnover also causes wrinkles. Natural skin care products rich in gentle exfoliating substances, like fruit enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids, assist in grinding off dead skin cells and promote cell production. That, at last, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Natural glow and youthful-looking skin

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a natural skin care product can supply your skin with enough moisture, stimulate collagen production, and delay aging. That is the foundation for glowing and fresh skin.

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Antioxidant-rich formulations for skin protection

Antioxidants are used to delay or prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals. They can protect your skin from UV radiation, reduce inflammation and pigmentation, improve hydration, and other benefits for the skin.

That makes natural skin care products with vitamins A and C and substances like carotenoids perfect for skin protection.

Reduction of oxidative stress and free radicals

Oxidative stress happens when antioxidants and free radicals lose their balance. Such imbalance may cause harm to your body's organs or tissues, resulting in aging and other diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. That's why we need to maintain the balance.

One of the ways to reduce the chance of oxidative stress is to acquire enough antioxidants. Natural products include vitamins A, C, and E, green tea extract, and so on can neutralize free radicals.

Maintenance of firmness and elasticity

Two fiber proteins are essential for keeping the skin's firmness and elasticity: collagen and elastin. The former makes your skin tightened, and the latter flexible. Therefore, the key is to maintain collagen and elastin production.

Natural products incorporating elements like vitamin C, aloe vera, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid can stimulate the production of these proteins.

Avoidance of synthetic fragrances and irritants

A 2023 study found that synthetic fragrances in skin care products may have health risks. Synthetic fragrances and irritants in cosmetics are harsher and may raise the risk of skin irritation and dermatitis. That is why we should turn to natural skin care products to avoid them.

Fragrances in natural products are more skin-friendly since they are derived from plant extracts like flowers or essential oils.

Elimination of potentially toxic substances

Traditional skin care products may contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petroleum-based compounds. These substances implicate potential health risks, including allergic reactions, endocrine disruption, cancer, etc.

Natural skin care products can stay away from these harmful ingredients. That is because they use elements derived from natural sources, which are organic and are less likely to contain harmful toxins. Overall, it provides a cleaner and safer alternative for skin care.

Protection against long-term health risks

Metals, such as lead and mercury, in skin care products may trigger long-term health implications associated with your brain and reproduction system.

Turning to natural skin care products can avoid these health problems. They include fewer chemicals, and nutrient-rich ingredients have gentle formulations. All these make them a safer alternative.

Support for natural skin functions and processes

Maintaining the normal functions of the skin is vital to the overall wellness and health of the skin. Natural skincare products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc., help achieve that.

Preservation of moisture and hydration

Maintaining moisture is essential to smooth, glowing, and elastic skin. Usually, natural cleansers and toners contain water-based substances, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, or glycerin. They have hydrating properties and can lock in moisture. 

Synthetic chemicals in conventional skincare products may remove natural oils from the skin and damage its moisture balance. That's why gentle and natural skin care products can keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Prevention of skin conditions and imbalances

Who doesn't experience skin problems from time to time? Rosacea, eczema, fine lines, and wrinkles are just a few. And they are irritating.

With milder, skin-friendly, and less irritative ingredients, natural cosmetics are less likely to cause skin conditions and imbalances.

How to Choose the Best Natural Skin Care Products

As "natural" in skincare products is not regulated or defined by authority, selecting natural ingredients for skin care is troublesome, and finding one in a hundred is even so. Below are some tips on purchasing the best natural cosmetics for your skin.

Reading Labels and Understanding Ingredients

Natural covers A-Z, and there is no clear definition of the term. A skincare product labeled "natural" may mean the stuff is nontoxic or clean, organic, vegan, or cruelty-free. That requires you to do some research into the label.

Take "organic" as an example, a regulated term by the FDA. If a product is marked as organic, it must be made of ingredients that are 95% artificial-free or above. So please always check the label carefully.

Certifications and Third-Party Verification

Many beauty skincare products take advantage of the term "natural" and use it abusively and randomly to their favor. That entails you having a sharp eye.

Therefore, when you purchase the so-called natural skincare cosmetics, especially those that may involve safety issues, you can ask for third-party verification to ensure it's truly "natural" and your safe skincare experience.

Researching Brands and Customer Reviews

Skincare product producers vary in their reputations. You need to research how that brand produces its natural skincare products "naturally," in particular. Nowadays, it gets easier to "background check" them by logging onto their websites, word of mouth, and their reputation in the industry.

Customer reviews is another reliable and trustworthy source for finding the right products. Likewise, it needs some patience and hard work.    

Patch Testing and Personal Skin Considerations

Ingredients in skincare products may cause skin reactions like rashes. Excluding those products containing such substances in the first place can dramatically lessen your efforts to find the right cosmetics for your skin. That makes patch testing vital, a method used to find out what substances cause allergy to your skin.

Then you should know your skin type, which includes oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and normal skin. Understanding it is the prerequisite to suit the remedy to the case. For example, dry skin needs a natural product filled with moisturizing components.

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Natural Skincare Products That Fit into Your Routine

When reaching the 30s, collagen and elastin production start to slow down. That's when we need to build a skincare routine to prevent us from aging too fast.

So do you have a skincare routine? Do you want to develop your routine by putting skin care using natural ingredients in place? Doing this can help build your best natural skin care routine? Here we will share what natural products you can add to your routine to maximize their benefits.  

Morning Skincare Routine

A morning skincare routine is vital to "smooth" skin and day. Add plant based skin care ingredients into your morning routine. It's too important that we cannot take it for granted. Generally, it includes these steps: cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Cleansing should be done in the morning and at night. It's the foundation for proceeding with the following procedures. Choose natural facial cleansers containing vitamins A and E.

Exfoliating is used to get rid of dead skin cells from the top skin layer, but you can't do it daily. Some natural exfoliants are coffee grounds, sea salt, and finely ground sugar.

Toning helps you shrink pores and remove dirt and impurities from them. Go to find a natural toner that has grape seed or peach extract.

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is of the most importance. That makes the choice of moisturizers important. Try to look for natural moisturizing ingredients like phytoceramides and jojoba oil.

The last step is to apply sunblock. You need to replace chemical ones with more eco-friendly mineral sunscreens.

Evening Skincare Routine

The evening skincare routine is similar to the morning one. All you need to do is to follow the above steps except the last one. In addition, you need to use eye cream to keep wrinkles away from the area around your eyes.

Look for a gluten- and fragrance-free eye cream with phytic acid or tree bark extract.

Weekly Treatments and Special Considerations

While sticking to those steps and having the routine daily, there is something you need to keep in mind.

Per the American Academy of Dermatology Association, all natural beauty products, such as products containing vitamins or herbal ingredients, may react with chemotherapy and radiation, resulting in severe side effects. In this case, you need to consult a doctor before launching your skincare routine to ensure safety.

Another disadvantage of using natural, organic skincare products is that they have a shorter shelf life because they don't have preservatives inside.

And natural skincare products are prone to smell or change color or texture due to their properties.

Remember this, and you will have your best natural skincare experience. And keeping to this natural skin care routine, and you will acquire natural skin in no time.

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This article mainly discusses the 12 benefits of natural skin care products. However, more benefits of using organic skin care products can be explored. And this article may be helpful when you want to find suitable products for your skincare and what natural products to add to your routine.

Please note that whichever skincare products you use, the key to radiant, soft, elastic, smooth, and even skin is to use them consistently and correctly. And you also need to develop a healthy lifestyle to reveal a better you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which natural skin care products are best?

A: Natural skincare products range widely, including facial cleansers, toners, lotions, moisturizers, serums, sunblocks, etc. However, it's hard to determine what products are best since what works for some may not be good for others.

As discussed, skincare products that contain more "natural" ingredients, like plant extracts, are generally better than their chemical counterparts.

Q: Are natural products better for your skin?

A: Generally, yes. Natural products come with numerous benefits, improve skin appearance, even skin tone, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to name just a few. And they are safer alternatives to products made of chemical and artificial elements. That's because synthetic products are more likely to worsen skin problems, resulting in allergies and irritations.

Q: What are the only 3 skin care products you need?

A: Cherry-picking three among hundreds of thousands of skin care products is daunting. But it will be much easier if you can tell what you need from what you want.

So if you only need to choose three, please add skin cleansers, a must-have for morning and evening cleansing, moisturizers, and sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or above into your daily skincare routine, according to dermatologists.

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Q: Why is using natural products for skin care important?

A: The importance of using natural products cannot be overemphasized. In general, doing this brings us benefits on two fronts: one is for better skin, and the other is for the world we call mother nature.

The benefits for our skin are apparent, and what the environment can get from doing this needs to be emphasized anew: it causes less negative impacts and ushers in a sustainable way to love yourself and nature.

Q: Is natural skincare better than chemical?

A: In most cases, yes. Both natural cosmetics and chemical-made skincare products can bring effective results to our skin. 

But the former has some advantages that the latter lack: natural ones are more gentle in properties, lowering the chance of worsening skin conditions; natural beauty products guarantee non toxic skin care and cause less environmental pollution.

Q: Should I use home-made natural skincare products?

A: Probably not. Nowadays, finding "recipes" online to make skincare products at home is so easy. But you need to know potential dangers lurking in some DIY natural skincare products. For example, a DIY facial scrub containing coffee grounds brings a smooth complexion and also causes damage to the top skin layer.