How to Remove Facial Hair: 9 Proven Methods That Work

Aug 14,2023

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It’s very common for many of us to remove facial hair, because it doesn’t give the right aesthetic. As the hair grows, it becomes very challenging to track everything properly, and that on its own can be a problem. There are hair removal creams and those can work well. But the truth is that you can access a large variety of methods, according to your needs. It’s all about narrowing down the best options and taking into account the skin color as well as other factors. In this article we will showcase a great facial hair removing guide. That way you can finally remove facial hair properly and without any issues.

What Causes Facial Hair Growth for Women?

Before you go for laser facial hair removal, peach fuzz, wax at home or any other method, you want to know what causes this issue. For the most part, you will notice that hair growth is not something that appears out of nowhere. Most women will notice that aging will sometimes lead to hair growth. It’s the time when you want to know how to remove facial hair properly, and it can work extremely well more often than not.

In addition, genetics can play a role. If your family had a very persistent hair growth, then most likely you will have the same situation as well. It makes a lot of sense to address that as fast as you can. Hormonal problems can also be a cause here, it all depends on what kind of hormonal issues you might have. It’s always a great idea to understand that you can find many facial hair removal methods. However, you also want to know the hair growth pattern, as it won’t always be the same. That alone is one of the things you want to address as fast as you can.

Does your Hair Removal Products Suit Your Skin?

When you want to find effective ways to remove facial hair, you always want to think about compatibility. That’s the thing, does the product you want to use actually suit your skin or not? Sometimes it does, other times less so. The thing you need to realize is that people with sensitive skin or darker skin tones need to be very careful with certain hair removal methods.

That’s why it makes sense to talk with a board certified dermatologist if you can. That way you can eliminate hir from the roots and not worry, since you know what fits your needs the most. You might be able to remove hair from the roots with hair removal devices too, but it always depends on the skin color and type. If it’s very sensitive, that can be an issue and only specific methods might work.

Our Tested & Proven Methods for Facial Hair Removal

There are may ways to learn how to remove facial hair. The truth is that anything from facial hair laser removal to the good old plucking can work. But it always comes down to your needs and what works in your own situation. It’s always going to come in handy, especially if you address everything correctly.

Tweezing and Plucking

The way this works is simple, you take the tweezers and place them between the index and thumb fingers. Then you center the hair between the tips and press down and then pull quickly. A good idea here is to stick with the hair growth direction. It can be difficult to remove unwanted facial hair, and it will hurt. You should always use clean tweezers if possible, as that will help quite a bit. It can be a great facial hair remover.

It’s a very common facial hair removal method, but the downside is that you have to work on every hair follicle manually. That can take quite a lot of time, since it’s one of those tedious processes not everyone will like. So while it can be a great way to remove unwanted hair, it’s more likely suitable for those with a lot of time on their hands. Will it remove hairs? Yes, but it’s definitely not a permanent hair removal method. Just like ingrown hairs, it will appear again, and you have to repeat the process.

Waxing and Sugaring

If you don’t want to use tweezers or you just have a lot of hair to deal with, a good idea is to try sugaring and waxing. Ideally, you want to go with professional waxing since they take all the necessary safety precautions like using the right wax temperature. At home you can end up damaging your skin if you use wax that’s too hot. It’s a trick you can use when doing facial hair removal for women.

The way you wax is you spread the wax in the hair growth direction. Apply that cloth strip and place it over the wax. Press down, then leave the cloth for a bit and you will remove your hair in no time. You will need to hydrate your skin and use cream to calm it down. That’s the issue, waxing can be great if you want to remove lots of hair from your face, but it leads to discomfort and redness. It’s not ideal if you have sensitive skin.

Depilatory Creams

If you want effective ways to remove facial hair, we recommend depilatory creams. The idea here is that you place the cream on your face and then use a clean piece of cloth to remove it along with your hair. Every cream has a certain amount of time that it needs to stay on your face before you remove it, so follow the instructions. It’s definitely one of the better ways to remove hairs. Again, this is not a way to permanently remove hair. However, it can be great for places like the upper lips or chin facial hair.

You will need to take into account various things here too. These include side effects like skin rashes, that can appear if you have sensitive skin. There are certain depilatory creams specifically made for sensitive skin, so you definitely want to focus on those as much as possible for the best results. Make sure that you find the right product that fits your skin type, especially if you have sensitive or smooth skin. You may need to go with facial hair removal at home, or maybe special facial hair removal products.


Dermaplaning is a very popular cosmetic procedure. You need to go to a healthcare provider that will use a scalpel which helps shave the upper skin layers. If you’re looking to remove fine facial hair, this can be a great option. Dermaplaning also helps remove skin imperfections and it can also prevent acne scars from taking over. It’s definitely not the ultimate facial hair removal method, but it works and it can help convey an excellent result and experience. You do want to talk with a medical expert beforehand, just to ensure that there are no problems and you can solve this problem as fast as you can.

Laser Hair Removal

Sometimes the best way to remove unwanted hair is via using a laser. That’s why laser facial hair removal has become so popular in recent years. It’s easy to see why, because not only is it very efficient, but it provides you with the means to ensure it all works properly and you never have to deal with any problems that might arise.

The main downsides of laser hair removal are pigment changes and skin irritation. However, the procedure has become more and more accurate and safe over the years, so these issues are rare. The upside of laser hair removal is that you won’t have ingrown and facial hair for a very long time. You can try home laser hair removal, but it makes a lot of sense to do it with a professional. Since you are using lasers, you need a safe environment and you must follow all instructions to the letter. Once you do that, it becomes much easier to access all the results you want.

Laser hair removal is fast, and it offers long term benefits, and also needs very low maintenance after you do it. It’s fast, doesn’t involve a lot of pain, and it’s extremely precise. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to check it out for yourself, as it really is one of the most interesting options to keep in mind.


The process involves using polyester or cotton thread that’s doubled and twisted. After you do that, you roll it over the unwanted hair areas, and pluck the hair. Sure, it can bring some pain based on hair size, but it’s very safe and known to deliver really good results.

Another option can be in the form of facial hair trimmers, or you can go with epilation. Some of these can be painful, so you have to talk with a professional and see what you can expect when it comes to downsides. However, all of these methods are known for being safe, and they are well worth checking out.


Epilation involves the use of a tool called epilator. The main focus of this item is to gently remove the unwanted hair and ensure that it will stay away for quite some time. The thing to note about epilation is that it can lead to discomfort, since it removes a lot of hair follicles at once. That can be painful and also lead to redness. There are however wet epilators, in case you want to experience less pain. As a whole, epilation is a great option to consider even if you have smooth or sensitive skin. Plus, it will have an amazing look at the end, which is a great thing to take into account.


Trimmers don’t need a facial hair removing guide. They are a tool that’s very easy to use, and a trimmer is usually adaptable to your needs without a problem. The upside with using a trimmer is that it has multiple speeds, and that can make it easy to adapt to your needs. Go with a high quality trimmer, as that will help you save both time and money. Plus, you can use a trimmer at home, so there’s no need to go to a qualified professional that will do the job for you. Yes, some trimmers can be harder to use, but as a whole you will find these options to be among some of the best on the market.


Electrolysis is also an option to consider, and it definitely has a very good track record. It’s approved by the FDA and it delivers permanent hair removal. What it does is it uses electric current sent via a sharp electrode that’s as small as a needle. It zaps the individual hair, and it can actively bring you a major advantage since it’s a fast process you will enjoy going through.

Post-Removal Skincare

Regardless of what facial hair removal method you use, you will have to think about post-removal skincare. The idea is to ensure that you soothe the skin and also prevent irritation. Forcefully removing hair from your skin will lead to some damage, and your focus is to prevent any problems. The best approach in a situation like this is to always moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage.

We also recommend avoiding any harsh products, as those can be extremely problematic and damaging for your skin. Ingrown hairs can appear, but it’s important to follow the guidelines of each facial hair removal method. You may have certain creams that can help prevent the growth of ingrown hairs, so try to use that to your advantage.

Maintaining smooth skin and Touch-Ups

Aside from all of the above, you also need to do some touch-ups here and there. Maintenance is not mandatory, but as always, it can make a difference if you do it properly and often. In addition, we also recommend using cream or products that nurture your skin and protect it from the sun. Having a consistent, reliable skincare routine will usually nullify any of the problems, while delivering great consistency and a very good result. We always recommend adapting to the individual hair regrowth cycles if possible.


It’s very important to understand your skin’s requirements and adapt the facial hair removal method accordingly. As we said, genetics, but also skin type and even personal preference will push you one way or the other. As always, your focus has to be on ensuring that your skin is healthy and you don’t damage it with your hair removal method. Talk with a board certified dermatologist too, as that will help narrow down the ideal method that won’t damage your skin in the long term.


How can I remove facial hair at home?

There are multiple hair removal methods you can use at home, either waxing, using tweezers, or even facial hair removal products for home use. Make sure you read the product guidelines before using and stick to those requirements.

Which is best way to remove facial hair?

While subjective, the best way to remove facial hair is laser removal. Using laser facial hair removal is the best way to ensure close to permanent hair removal in a seamless way. It’s not very harmful, and it will protect your skin from damage in the long term.

How can I permanently remove facial hair?

If you want permanent hair removal, electrolysis or laser hair removal can help quite a bit. It’s very important to talk with a dermatologist before attempting any of these options, as they can lead to skin damage if you’re not careful.

Are there side-effects of removing facial hair?

Depending on the facial hair removal method, you can encounter side effects. These are minor, and mostly pertain to things like redness or skin irritation. Sometimes skin cuts can appear, depending on the method, and if you use wax, you risk burning your skin. That’s why you need to choose your facial hair removal method with care.

Why do girls have facial hair?

Usually it has to do with genetics, women have facial hair too, but it’s not as pronounced as men. However, some women have more facial hair than others, and that’s when you need to learn how to remove facial hair properly.

How to remove facial hair permanently?

If you need to remove facial hair permanently, electrolysis or laser removal can be great. These methods are efficient, and have the potential to help you eliminate facial hair rightfully!