Cavitation 3.0

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CaVstorm Cavitation Machine

What CaVstorm Can Solve

Let’s take a look at a group of CaVstorm cavitation 3.0 ultrasonic wave Fat experiments, the effect of the Cavstorm cavitation 3.0 is visible to the naked eye.

1.Put a fat cube on it

2.CaVstorm cavitation 3.0 ultrasonic wave start dissolve the fat

3.The fat is completely dissolved. What an amazing result

CaVstorm cavitation 3.0 ultrasonic wave message can burst the fat and tighten your skin with no rebounce.

The micro-massage function of the ultrasound can enhance the permeability of the cell membrane so that large amount of nutrients can enter inside the cells and even go through the skin and reach the bottom of muscles. While stimulating the circulation of blood and the process of metabolism, it can massage the cells at the frequency of 1 million times per second to increase the temperature inside the cells and accelerate the decomposition of cells. In this way, large fat cells will become smaller and small ones will disappear.

The infrared ray can restore the elasticity and activate the cells more thoroughly

Through the infrared ray from heated carbon fibre, the cells will resonate and rub to create a thermal reaction, so that the temperature deep in local skin will increase to accelerate the decomposition of the fat and metabolism. In this way, the fat will be excreted to the outside of the body faster.

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CaVstorm 40K Cavitation 3.0 RF Vacuum Body Slimming Machine


Melt Fat Cells And Dispose Of Excess Fat Cells
Eliminate Stretch Marks, Cellulite
Relief Pain And Inflammation, Help Fat Loss
Cavitation+vacuum, Vacuum+rf, Double Function
Handle Body Detox, Painless, Skin Rejuvenation
Suction&RF Skin Face Lifting and Tighten
Removal Clear Cups

2021 Newest Technology Cavitation 3.0 CaVstorm BIO Beauty Machine


Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe for Fat Concentrated BlastingStorm
Vacuum & RF Probe for Body Detox, Skin Tightenng
Storm Bio & Photon for Clear Meridian, Helping Fat Loss
Storm Bio & Photon for Smooth, Calm Down Skin
Cavitation 3.0 Melt Fat Cells And Dispose Of Excess Fat Cells

New 2021 CaVstorm Caviation 3.0 Ultrasonic RF Slimming Microcurrent Bio Photon Skin Care Machine


Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe for Fat Concentrated Blasting
Storm RF Probe for Skin Tightenng
Storm Photon & Microcurrent for Clear Meridian, Helping Fat Loss
Storm Photon & Microcurrent Solves All Kinds Of Skin Problem
Storm Photon & Microcurrent For Smooth, Calm Down Skin