How Safe Is That Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 for Fat Removal?

Sep 02,2021

In modern society, people's body shape and body mass index continue to increase rapidly, and the pursuit of imbalanced health has made people's requirements for shaping increasingly increasing. As a result, many weight-loss products have emerged, such as early weight-loss drugs. But, to be honest, in the case of weight-loss drugs, "safe" is synonymous with "not very useful". It is really difficult to achieve the desired fat-reducing effect by relying on these health products. So there are other methods of reducing fat, using scientific methods to quickly and safely reduce fat.

But the first thing that needs to be emphasized is that the most effective, cost-effective, and immediate way to lose weight is liposuction! However, this surgical method not only has systemic complications, such as electrolyte imbalance and fat embolism, but also local complications, such as hematoma, skin necrosis, and uneven skin. On the one hand, the operation risk is high, on the other hand, the response time is longer. So can we find a way to achieve the pursuit of beauty and health in a safer way, with fewer side effects, faster recovery time after operation, and minimal discomfort experience without surgery, that is, non-surgical?

The answer is of course yes, just like the ultrasonic technology to be introduced below, the most popular and effective at present is Ultrasonic cavitation 3.0.

Cavitation Machine

How does ultrasound cavitation achieve the effect of dissolving fat?

The cavitation effect produced by low-energy ultrasound focusing causes the selective destruction of the fat cell membrane, that is, the fat cells are broken, but the surrounding structure is not affected. The damaged cells are then swallowed by macrophages and eliminated by the lymphatic system and liver metabolism. In the process of fat dissolving, it will not cause damage to surrounding tissues and organs. By reducing the thickness of fat in the fat accumulation part, the purpose of fat reduction and shaping is achieved. Generally speaking, the fat cells are shaken to death by ultrasound.

Is this technology safe?

As mentioned before, the ultrasonic technology uses the cavitation effect to selectively destroy fat cells without affecting the surrounding structure, so it is very safe.

Moreover, my country has also done relevant research and experiments in this area. Peking Union Medical College Hospital has carried out clinical trials on ultrasonic instruments on the market. The results show that this fat-reducing plastic method is very safe and effective. During the experiment, the subjects’ physical indicators and treatment experience were recorded. After two treatments, the subjects’ physical indicators were normal, and there was no discomfort during the treatment. From the perspective of the treatment effect, the circumference of the treatment area of all subjects was reduced by an average of about 2 cm, and the thickness of the skin fat was reduced by an average of about 2.9 mm (11.7%). Most effects can be achieved within 2 weeks, and there is no rebound within 12 weeks. According to research, it can reduce fat by about 25% if done three times!

Real feeling experience:

In my opinion, the most important thing to lose weight is safety and comfort. So after hearing about this black technology, I immediately tried this project.

 First of all, there is no discomfort during the process, no pain or vibration, and the whole process is very comfortable.

The second is that you can see the effect immediately after finishing it, and it became especially obvious after 2 weeks of finishing it;

The third is not easy to rebound. Because the number of fat cells does not change in adulthood, only the volume of fat cells will be changed. Cavitation3.0 can directly break fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells. Therefore, if you no longer eat and drink to enlarge the fat cells after treatment, then The effect can be maintained.

The fourth is that the skin is not loose. Although the effect is quick, the skin is still very firm and there are no side effects. Because when the fat cells are destroyed, the phagocytes sweep the battlefield, swallowing and excreting cell debris. At the same time, ultrasound-induced inflammation in the treated area induces new collagen proliferation. In this way, even if the subcutaneous fat cells are defective, the new collagen can also play a supporting role, and the skin in the treated area will not be too loose.

How to choose the right cavitation machine.

Because there are too many instruments on the market, but some instruments may not be able to achieve this effect, you must look for Ultrasonic cavitation 3.0 version, here I can put a picture of the instrument I used before, you can refer to it.