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Cavstorm Cavitation 3.0

Cavstorm is a brand name in the world of cavitation machine. Their products has the lastest cavitation 3.0 technology. Cavitation has a far reach, having clients in many countries worldwide. Their top competitors are those who sell the same items.

While Cavstorm has endured considerable commercial success. showing how myChway evolved as a brand proved to be important. Each Cavstorm series cavitation machine has win a great reputation on effectiveness. The difference between Cavstorm and myChway is that myChway outperformed it’s competitors with regards to marketing.

In researching Cavstorm as a whole. myChway has been becaming leader on cavitation machine with market share 48%. The data keenly experss how myChway initiated body sculpture tool in the past using lastest technology to advanced their brand and how they intent to stay ahead of their competitors.

Cavitation 2.5-logo

Aristorm Cavitation 2.5

Aristorm is a another brand name on cavitation mchine under myChway. Aristorm is a compound word from the geek world “Aristo” and “Storm”. Aristo- a learned borrowing from Greek meaning “best,” occurring either in direct loans (aristocratic), or in the formation of compound words: aristotype. In the eye of comsumers, it means “best cavitation machine with better results”. However, the techology appied to Aristorm is cavitation 2.5. The number of cavitation technology has no matter to effectiveness.


A Must Have of A Luxury SPA

S Shape – For the dreams, every girl wanted to have bigger boobs, slim waist, bigger butt. Confidence comes with such a perfect body structure. With such a great notion, myChway created S-shape cavitation machines that assist comsumer to get the results.




Innovation makes beauty better

Unoisetion is the most traditional cavitation machine brand under myChway. It has been around many years. Some Clients hate noise from cavitation machine. Under devolopment of R&D team, Unoisetion has born.