Body scraping Treatment Machine Detoxifying Machine

  1. A variety of choices, three hanging heads can be chosen at will, suitable for any part of the body.

  2. One-button heating, intelligent constant temperature, hot compresses to promote blood circulation.

  3. Three levels of suction, large, medium and small three levels of suction can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can be used for the whole body.

  4. Powerful magnetic wave, better effect, upgrade board with 6 nano bumps, better effect.

  5. The LCD screen is clearer and easier to use.


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Body scraping Treatment Machine Detoxifying Machine


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Safety: The aluminum alloy material is safe and stable, reduces skin irritation, antibacterial, and reduces bacterial growth and anti-allergic effects.

Promoting effect: The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy material is 14 times that of ordinary metal material, which can better promote the body's thermal circulation and dredge the meridians.

Detoxification: Relax the body by scraping and massage, and expel toxins with traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.

Regulate blood circulation: massage the meridians, improve blood circulation, and improve skin tone.

Dredge the meridians: Massage to relax the body and improve sub-health.

Maintain a strong physique: relax the body and effectively strengthen the body.

To dispel cold: Massage with the essence of the metal working head to detoxify.

Nursing: According to different therapies, different physiotherapy essential oils can be used to achieve ideal results.


Product name: Gua Sha detoxification instrument for human body
Suction gear: 3 gears
Product material: ABS plastic, titanium alloy tip
Product weight: about 1KG
Input voltage: 100-240V
Product function: Gua Sha, suction, dredge meridian, can be heated, full body massage
Tip size: large diameter: 7.4cm, medium diameter: 5.4cm, small diameter: 3.4cm

Package including

1x packing box
1x host
1xUSB cable
3x Gua Sha head
1x manual
18x cotton

electric scrapping instrument Powerful magnetic wave multi-functional equipment warm stomach strong magnetic force wave body detox face massage
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