Portable UVB Phototherapy Lamp Vitiligo Eczema Skin Care Machine

  1. With small size ,lightweight and simple operation, patients can take it along with themselves.

  2. High radiation intensity , equipped with a locator,used for improving treatment effect.

  3. A reflector arranged inside the irradiator, which can raise radiant efficiency.

  4. Patient can take back home for treating.


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Portable UVB Phototherapy Lamp Vitiligo Eczema Skin Care Machine


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• Use special UV lamp,with high stability and long service light .
• With small size, lightweight and simple operation,patients can take it along with themselves .
• High radiation intensity,equipped with locator,use for improving treatment effect.
• Patients can take it back home for .

Applicable People

• The patients who feel inconvenient to seek for outpatient treatment
• The patients requiring partial intensive therapy.
• The patients only requiring small range of treatment.
• The patients who feel convenient to seek for treatment at home due to high hospital costs.

Applicable Range

Applicable to clinical units for UV irradiation and treatment of leucoderma,psoriasis,pityriasis,rosea,eczema and other Skin disesses.

Use Tips

Consult your doctor whether how you need to use topical or oral medication in a timely manner,consult the doctor with regards to course arrangements,bath with water for 20-30 minutes before irradiation to remove surface scales of skin lesions,during irradiation,hide or use a sunscreen to protect the area around the affected skin,
During irradiation, use UV googles for protecting eyes, avoid the irradiated part from excessive exposure to sunlight, and cover with clothers or use sunscren when going out,after exposure,the skin may show erythema or itching ,so the exposure time interval should be appropriately extended or the radiation dose is decreased.
Before the condition improves,some of the skin lesion may involve in a short-term increase.

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