Galvanic Current Therapy Beauty Apparatus Personal Use Micro-current Or BIO

  1. Electro-osmotic treatment of particles to dilute melanin

  2. The negatively charged Galvanic Instrument helps to deliver the dead cell and dust out of the skin.

  3. The positive charges again repel each other, helping to deliver the beneficial ingredients into the skin.


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Galvanic Current Therapy Beauty Apparatus Personal Use Micro-current Or BIO


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Devices features both - negative intophoresis and positive ion modes. Additional feature is 2 detachable heads for treating more or less flat surface or curves. Roller head is especially good to work with water soluable, non greasy skin products, where lack of lubrication - potentual cause of undesirable skin stretching - is compensated by rotation movement of the roller. Using galvanic current lets you drain out all toxins and impurities from deeper skin and pores and, using the opposite polarity of ions, - input nutrients into deeper skin and nourish it to increase collagen and fight wrinkles. Ion cleansing is an effective means of preventing acne/blemish and freeing pores from debris. Iontophoresis is one of the best ways to infuse nutrients into skin using skin care products.

Besides cosmetological use Iontophoresis is widely used in health care to infuse drugs topically through skin. Iontophoresis was approved by the FDA in the 1970's. Its use is increasing in physical therapy and orthopedic medicine for the treatment of injury, arthritis, and over-use syndromes. Each year over 4 million people successfully receive drugs delivered by iontophoresis.


Galvanic is also known as Iontophoresis. With an "-" and "+" device and suitable gel, you will be able to achieve an excellent result of: skin abstergents+Max. increase skin nutrition absorption+Skin Whiteing+Smooth wrinkle....

The Galvanic System gives skin a radiant, healthy-looking glow with a combination of safe, gentle, low-level galvanic currents and two specially formulated gels.

Negative abstergents fuction:
Use clear spring water for negatively charged Pre-Treat. It contains mild surfactants allowing it to purify the skin. During the Pre-Treat cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also negatively charged. As you may know, like charges repel each other. Therefore, as the two negative charges repel each other, the negatively charged Galvanic Instrument helps to deliver the dead cell and dust out of the skin.

Positive in:
Use a clear nutrition lotion for positively treatment. During the Treatment cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also positively charged. The positive charges again repel each other, helping to deliver the beneficial ingredients, including magnesium, aspartate, and arginine, into the skin. Simply removing any excess gel from the skin with a damp cloth will leave skin refreshed and radiant.

Why shall we use Galvanic-Iontophoresis?
In the conventional administration method, only applying active ingredients of cosmetics to skin, it was difficult for the ingredients to penetrate deep in skin and to fully exert their beautifying effect and skin protection effect.

That is because the HLB (Hydrophile-Lipohile Balance) values of the ingredients are improper and active ingredients are unstable and subject to oxidative decomposition.

Then, iontophoresis that is a method to penetrate an ionized solvent into skin deeply by passing feeble current through skin has been emerging as a new skin care method from several years ago. Iontophoresis machine helps to achieve a high level of penetration of the active ingredients (Vitamin C) to the skin.

Technical Standard:

Voltage: 100-240 V (Wouldwide useable)

110V(USA &Canada) & 220V (Europe & U.K.&AU)

With chargeable lithium battery, can use easily at home or during travel.

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Galvanic Current level (Power level): 0.05mA--1.0 mA (Adjustable)

Color: Silver White

Remarkable Effect

New iontophoresis treatment device Galvanic and provitamin C penetration:

The high effectiveness of iontophoresis in treatment is demonstrated due to the establishment of new functions.

A) Sufficient amount of vitamin C should be supplied to the basal layer of epidermis to suppress abnormal increase in melanin that causes pigmentation such as chloasma, freckle, and transient pigmentation (after laser irradiation) and to decolorize already-existing melanin.

B) Wrinkle

It is required to hydrate proline/lycine residue in alpha-chains to form triple helix by the polymerization of 3 pieces of preprocollagen alpha-chains regarding dermis fibroblast. It is significant to supply vitamin C intentionally as an essential cofactor to make propyl-4-hydroxylase function as a main enzyme to catalyze

the reaction above because vitamin C is apt to be depleted partially.

C) Elimination of active oxygen

The elimination of active oxygen by intracellular vitamin C can prevent deep-penetrating UVA-wave from causing nuclear DNA double-strand breaks and damage to DNA base components such as 8-OHdG.

D) Prevention of skin aging

Provitamin C can be, in the DNA level, an age resistor that significantly extends cell life by preventing telomere DNA located at both ends of chromosomes from shortening.

E) Hyperoxidation of sebum such as squalene and ceramide has a deleterious effect on skin. Provitamin C prevents cell death caused by lipoperoxide.

Note: Our new device can minimum pore-clogging grime after washing your face by use of negative polarity before iontophoresis. At that time, purified water can be used but skin toner is more effective.

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