4in1 SHR E-light OPT Hair Removal Radio Frequency Laser Machine

1.SHR(E-light+ OPT) For Hair Removal.

2.SHR(E-light+ OPT) For Acne Removal .

3. Laser For Eyebrow, Tattoo, Birthmarks Removal.

4.Laser For Black doll


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Category: Hair&Spot Removal , Eligt IPL Hair Removal ,


4in1 SHR E-light OPT Hair Removal Radio Frequency Laser Machine


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Technology Principle

Freezing painless,complete hair removal,colorful touch screen,integrated E-light and OPT in one,free to choose functions,intelligent interface,easy to understand, SHR professional hair removal beauty instrument technology:optical energy+epidermal cooling.Optical energy plays a guide role in IPL technology,optical energy concentrated effect in target tissue ,it helps strengthen the target tissue absorb optical energy under the condition of low intensity. At the same time,the contact surface cooling technology on the Operation head can eliminate the thermal effect caused by optical energy over-strong,and increase the skin impedance,reduce skin to absorb optical energy,improve the Operation efficacy and safety,and it's also effective for light color target tissue.


Power of Machine: 2000W
LCD screen: 10 inch 24 color multi color touch screen
Power requirement: AC220V±10%、50Hz, AC110V±10%、60Hz
Cooling system: water cooling+ Air cooling+ Semiconductor refrigeration

Wavelength: 530-1200nm、480-1200nm、640-1200nm
Spot size: 10*40mm
Output Energy: 1-50J/cm²
Pulse frequency: 1-10Hz

Yag Laser
Pulse frequency: 1-10Hz
Plus width: 0.1-7.0ms(SHR)
Wavelength: 1064nm/532nm(YAG)
Type of laserr: Nd:YAG
Output Energy: 300-1500J/cm²

Normally, the different wavelength filters for different skin condition
480nm for acne operation
530nm for skin rejuvenation, vascular removal, pigmentation removal
640nm for hair removal


1 x Main unit
1 x IPL handpiece
1 x Laser handpiece
1 x RF handpiece
1 x Goggles for patient
1 x Glasses for operator
1 x Foot plate
1 x Funnel
1 x Power Supply (We offer 100-110V(for US,Japan,Canda use), 200-240V(for UK,AU,EU use).
2 x Keys for power

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