Portable 1MHz Ultrasonic Cellulite Reduce Machine Body Massager

  1. Skincare to clear, lighten, smooth the look of skin

  2. Firm the skin texture

  3. Reducing the appearance of both wrinkles and fat deposits

  4. Deep cleanse and moisturize

  5. Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens and firms


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Portable 1MHz Ultrasonic Cellulite Reduce Machine Body Massager


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Ultrasound has long been well known in Medicine, but only more recently in Beauty. It has brought surprising innovation to beauty care, with its triple-impact effectiveness.
Massaging by hand, finger pressure, etc., in traditional salons wasted too much time for too little effect. Freeing us of all that labor, ultrasound permeates into the deep texture of the skin, even reaching muscle and fat layers, with warmth, microvibration, and cavitation, for a new revivifying effect.
As we age, the top layers of our skin lose more moisture. Older skin renews itself every four to six weeks, while young skin renews every three to four weeks. This older skin has a dry and dehydrated appearance, resulting in fine wrinkles and age spots. You ask yourself, what can I do to revitalize my skin? The answer is easy:
In only 10-15 minutes daily, you`ll see and experience dynamic changes in your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this intense form of care. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers reach deeply into the skin. Although invisible to the eye and undetectable by our skin, Ultrasound Beauty Devices radiate micro-vibrations, which are often used to help stimulate the body`s recovery from illness and injury. Waves of ultrasound can also reach fats, built up in areas such as lower abdomen, hips, thighs, calves or double chin.



1. Make skin cells move, reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, bright skin tone.
2. Introduce skin care products to increase the infiltration rate from about 10% to over 60%.
3. Make subcutaneous tissue movement, activate cells, reduce facial edema, smooth tissue stagnation, inhibit the formation of dark marks, and remove marks.
4. Enhance absorption and accelerate diffusion when introducing skin care products
5. Improve microcirculation, inhibit facial varicose veins, improve dry skin and skin aging lines, waste, detoxification



1. Mechanical effect
Ultrasonic wavelength is short and it is spread in nearly straight line, so the energy is centralized. When it acts on skin surface, it can infiltrate through to 3 to 6CM, causing vibration of human cells, and a fine massage is generated. At the same time, the cell volume is changed, causing cytoplasm motion magma particles rotation and karyon vibration and rubbing, thus the translucent cell pellicle pervasion is stimulated, and the partial blood and lymphatic circulations are improved, with cell penetration intensified, metastasis and regeneration of skin tissue improved. In addition, with ultrasonic vibration acting upon the skin, contamination or extra sebum hidden deep in pores are foamed and emulsified, propitious to be led out and eliminated.

2. Warming effect
The warming effect of ultrasonic is an important physical therapy next only to mechanical effect. As ultrasonic is acting on human skin tissues, cells are fluctuated and rubbed to generate heat, which can increase the temperature in deep layer of the skin by 1-2 celusis. Such internally generated heat energy causes changes on blood vessel function and metabolic activity, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, speeding metastasis, increasing skin cells in their activity and nutrient, with nervous system stimulated, tissues softened, tissue tension decreased, thus it helps ease pain and relieve convulsion.

3. Biochemical effect
The biochemical effect of ultrasonic is based on its aggregation reaction and de-aggregating reaction. Aggregation reaction is such a process that many similar molecules are synthesized to be a larger molecule where ultrasonic can promote cell internal protein complex in growth and synthesizing, the damaged tissues are stimulated for regeneration, human body colloidal protein and elastic fiber protein are stimulated for combination. The de-aggregation reaction is such a process that the viscosity of large molecules is lowered and molecular weight decreased. In such a case, ultrasonic wave can help temporarily decrease the medicine solution decreased in its viscosity, easing partial absorption. In addition, ultrasonic wave can generate ionization deep in the skin, which phenomenon has the effect to eliminate activated oxygen. Activated oxygen is the largest factor to cause cell degradation. As ionization occurs deep in the cell, electron exchange happens between the ions and activated oxygen that is then eliminated, with cells regenerated and degradation prevented. In addition, anions themselves are helpful to improve mental state and promote metastasis, as well as the activation of the skin.


How to use "OFF/ON " button to turn on.
2.Press "UP "button to up the wave intensity and press " DOWN"button to down the wave intensity.
3.After use, press "OFF/ON "button once more to stop working.
4.Massage on Your Body
5.When applying the massager on thicker parts of subcutaneous tissues such as the waist, hips, thighs, select the high intensity level.
6.When applying the Massager on parts like the muscles and where fatty layers appear thinner, select the lower or medium intensity level.
7.For daily use, 1 times a day, less than 30minutes once
8.Please pay attention to that we have to clean your skin before use the instrument, and we can also use it with some gel according different type of skin.


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