Bar 24K Golden Skin Care Anti-Aging Facial Massage Beauty Tool

- Moisturized skin is base of beauty.
- Normalize skin potential Through vibration of pure gold.
- Keep Moist beauty skin.


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Bar 24K Golden Skin Care Anti-Aging Facial Massage Beauty Tool


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Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse SKIN CARE Gold Facial Roller Massage

Material: Brass and aluminum (T Barr head part is solid gold special surface finish).


Normalization of the potential of the skin oscillation of pure gold. Beauty skin moist.

To the skin moisture and elasticity of vitality to the skin by vibration (massage).

Head shape for T, will be added to the micro-vibration behavior of stroke , Press the pot and each part of the skin of the face.

It can be used in the bath slowly from waterproof structure.

So you can easily carry compact size.



- Activate skin to keep moist and elastic through vibration (Massage).

- T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point.

- 6000 rotations per minute with vibration.

- Can use in bathroom with waterproof structure.

- Free to carry with compact size.



Technical Specifications

- Size: 140mm(5.5")L / 16mm(0.63")DIA / T bar head Size: 35mm(1.38")L 6mm(0.24")DIA



Package Including

1x 24k gold bar

1x package bag




Something that you would like to know about using this T-Bar ( Massage Equipment )

By using the bar - it is stimulating the blood circulation of the face's skin- women put on makeup on the face everydayand by doing that is closing the pores of the skin , blocking the air from coming in / out and this T-Bar works also as a Skin Detox- after using it , if you have pimples or blackheads coming out from the Skinit means that the skin was with toxines - it migth look as a bad thing but actually is cleaning the skin and once the skin is cleaned the pimples/blackheads would go way( that means that the face blood circulation is getting back to normal health activity.

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